The Stages Of Password Change Adaptation

Stage I

“Why can’t I unlock my machine?”

Because I’m typing the password I used previously (Stage IV-ing it) and hitting enter before remembering it was changed

Stage II

“Uh…hang on.”

Remembering that you changed your password before you start typing, but having to pause for a second to remember what you changed it to

Stage III

“I will unlock this machine after I have a cup of coffee.”

Knowing what the new password is immediately, but fingers haven’t yet developed the muscle memory to type it unconsciously

Stage IV

“I’m super-human.”

Sit down at the keyboard, and your ‘puter is magically unlocked as your fingers touch the keyboard. Soon after you reach Stage IV you will receive a notification that it’s time to change your password.

*All bets are off if you use an algorithm to generate a password for a system that requires actual strong passwords and two-factor authentication so that you don’t have to change it constantly.

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