Officially Old

Dang it.

A few weeks ago we were in Walmart and I noticed they were selling Levi’s blue jeans. Not just selling them, but selling them at Walmart prices. Like, $25 a pair for some styles.

I was really excited about this. “WHAT?! LEVI’S JEANS AT THESE PRICES?!?!?! I HAVE TO BUY SOME!!!”

Then I realized that the fact that Walmart now sells Levi’s sort of says something about the status of Levi’s. Not that I’m against dressing in Walmart fashion at all…I’m totally down for that.

But you can’t buy Air Jordans at Walmart, ya know?

But I still think it’s the greatest thing in retail ever, and that makes me old.

Because I don’t care that Levi’s aren’t as cool as they were. In my head, they still are!

I’m remembering this moment when I was in my 20s in Vegas for the weekend and I saw a guy in his mid-40s come strutting into Hard Rock Hotel wearing a satin Corvette jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Where he was in his head and where he was physically were completely different places.

At least I’m aware of it; I just don’t care.

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