Getting My BJJ Sprints Fired Up Again

I was talking with one of my teammates last night and found out she’s a software engineer. I asked if she used Jira at work and told her about using it to run sprints for BJJ training. She thought it was a really cool idea, and it made me kind of mad at myself that I haven’t been continuing with it. I think it really did help me focus, and I realize I should get back to it.

If you’re wondering what in the heck Jira is, it’s a project management software tool that’s pretty popular with software developers. I’ll stop the geekiness part there.

But I realized it was a great tool for managing BJJ training as well. I’m realizing I need to write a much longer post that describes this concept and process, so hope to get one going soon.

I think the biggest problem is that I’m confined to using my installed version of Jira at home. I love the tool, but the cheapest level of the SaaS version is $10/month, and it’s hard to justify that when I’m the only one using it. That means I only have access on my home network, and lately the last thing I want to do while I’m at home is look at a screen.

I did a check this morning on some free alternatives to Jira. It looks like Pivotal Tracker may be a good option for me, and I’m going to give it a try.

I’m actually excited to get started again and to try a new tool right now because I have a couple of restraints that will help keep things simple. First of all, my cardio is crap after taking 4 weeks off for broken ribs. That’s something I can squeeze into my first few sprints and see some definite results. I thought about including something about weight management as well, but I haven’t really gained that much during the time off. It worked out well that a full belly was VERY uncomfortable for me, so I didn’t really hog out.

My ribs aren’t really in a place right now where I can include weight training or yoga yet, but that’s good. It will help me focus on BJJ and cardio until I finish healing up.

I plan (hope, really really want) to get a sprint lined up for the next week. Maybe posting this publicly will hold me to it…even though no one reads it?

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