Everybody in my family is all worked up and excited about rock climbing right now, and since it was basically free for me to be on our family gym membership after paying for the four of them, I went ahead and added my name to the membership.

Works out for everybody–I can roam around while they climb, helping the youngest get hooked up to the auto-belay and being available to belay everyone else on the top rope areas. Plus there’s a weight room, yoga classes, treadmills, etc. so that I’ll always have something to do there while everyone else is climbing or in a class.

Makes sense, right?

Except that last night was free shoe night. So even though I don’t have shoes I could jump on and climb for free too.

Boo. After an hour in the bouldering cave I want to climb too.

Not a big deal, but just once in my life I’d like to pick up something and do it without immediately trying to quantify and measure my progress and effort.

I mean, I’m not going to forego these things with rock climbing. But maybe the next thing?