These are good ideas if your boyfriend/husband is anything like me. If he’s not, I guess something like Yellowstone Cologne would be good? Can’t imagine what this would smell like, but I couldn’t find a cologne that is associated with any other soap operas. Yes…this is a real thing.

And if not cologne, I guess some kind of primping beard product or some such? It’s hard for me to say. This will give him something to do while you’re out looking for a new boyfriend.

But here are things I’d appreciate:

All the useful kinds of tape. Scotch tape isn’t in here because it’s not all that useful. You could use it to wrap these gifts I guess, but it’s not really necessary.

A budget marathoner’s starter pack. Let’s not commit too much to this until he’s a month or two into the training program.

Cliff Notes Classics–it’s possible you’ll have to read these to him. I’d like to have these just so I could bring these books up and sound like I’m smart, because the other person probably hasn’t read them either. You could buy the real books and make him feel like a failure for continuing not to read them.

Nine volt batteries. Smoke alarm batteries only go bad at night. The guy always seems to be dealing with it. Buy these batteries and hide them–don’t give them as a gift. The real gift will be when the stupid alarm start chirping and you tell him you have batteries set aside for this situation. You’ll get to go right back to sleep, and he’ll be really appreciative that you thought ahead and made his job easier.