Ok. I’m weird. I’m the guy (the only one) who uses YouTube Music as my primary streaming service. I’m insanely jealous of all the cool Instafest auto-generated music festival posters I’ve seen lately, and I’d love to get in on the fun.

Unfortunately, when I try to generate one with my Spotify account, I’m 0-fer. Even if I use the “All Time” setting. I used Spotify a lot back in the day…even had a fair number of subscribers for my Damn Good Texas Country playlist.

Even if I could get that to work, it wouldn’t reflect all the new stuff I’ve been listening to since moving platforms. Yes…I’m aware Spotify’s user experience is slightly better, but it’s hard to move away from ad-free YouTube.

If any college student has some time, please write an Instafest-For-YouTube app.

Please and Thank You!