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5 Reasons Bret Michaels is the Lamest "Rock Star" Ever

Hi Shawn,
You know, reading your comment and re-reading my post, I think we may be actually saying the same thing here–just maybe from a different angle. I have no reason to doubt what you’ve written here, and it sounds like Brett Michaels is a legitimately good and generous man. Maybe what I’m really saying in my post is that he isn’t the stereotypical rock-and-roll dirt bag we have come to expect to encounter.

Granted, my post was meant to be funny, so I took some silly jabs–basically saying he doesn’t live up to that stereotype of a glam metal rockstart.

But, as you have pointed out, that’s probably a good thing.

Circle of Death Revised - Zombie Sprints

1:03:41 – Made up some time on the sprints and pull ups.
New world record!

Triathlon Training–How to Finish a Half Ironman MY Way

Hey Christopher…

I’m no swim coach, but I can tell you that the key for me was a drill where I turned my hips and glided as far as possible with one arm extended. My coach at the time talked about imagining you are reaching up to get something off a high shelf–you always turn your hips to get your body sideways and make yourself longer, and that’s what you want to do in the water with each stroke. Be as long as possible.

2012 IM 70.3 FL - Haines City Race Report

Thanks…if there’d been no run I could have really blistered the bike. Who thought of putting a run at the end of these races?

2012 IM 70.3 FL - Haines City Race Report

Thanks HM. The further away from the race I get, the happier I am with it. I’m actually more bummed because I don’t think I’m ready for 140.3 yet and still have some work to do at this distance. I’m lucky to have problems like that! 🙂

Transition Practice Works...Who Would Have Thought?

Run got me. I was pretty conservative on the bike.

Practicing Race Plans In Training

On the winds, yeah…it’s been east and west for the past few days. I watch them here (cool map).

I could have sworn they were out of the southwest for a solid week though. I’m prepared either way. I do laps around my neighborhood, and somehow the wind is always in my face.

In The Best Shape Of My Life (Again)

So you are already committed, huh? I’m not going to think about it just yet. But I’m thinking about thinking about it for sure!

What I'd Do To Make Triathlon Participation Explode

Finally! The only thing that’s been keeping me here and suffering through 75 degree winters is the area’s numerous opportunities to play Old Boy rugby. Now Knoxville can offer me the chance to play rugby with 40 year old guys with wives, children and careers who somehow couldn’t find the time to make it to training and matches when they were 27, single and unemployed.

How about this…let me know what the schedule is…maybe one day we’ll have planes leaving here that will allow me to travel to wherever you no-loads enter a team.

An Interesting Question, An Interesting Answer

They will no doubt be launching a iDefendYou bot a month later. It’s just like those anti-virus software companies who write all the viruses. What a racket!!!

How The Ames Debate Could Have Been Won

Interesting perspective. If what you are saying is true, Rick Santorum will mop up the floor with all of them on Saturday.

What Would You Do If You Hit Your Debt Ceiling?

I agree that what we are being presented is 100% partisan. And the “two sides” are basically arguing over which shade of red is more appropriate for new debt. Should we go only $x into the hole over the next y months? Or should we go 1.5x in the hole over the next 1.3y months?

Seriously? That’s what is causing division? This is nothing but theatre for the sake of appearing partisan.

How about a third option….stop going further into debt and start digging our way out of the debt we’ve accumulated. Of course, that’s completely off the table.

Hey...I Know That Dude!

Heh…I don’t really know much about this story, but it reminded me of a few funny things.:-)

(GooglePlus != Twitter) && (GooglePlus != Facebook)

If you read all of that and aren’t a nerd, you’ve missed your calling.

My latest great idea

I wouldn’t dream of taking on such an endeavor without your talents!

My latest great idea

Just trying to contribute to our culture!

Link Dump Obsession With Ditching Facebook

Hehe…glad I made someone chuckle. I have my moments. They are few and far between, but I have them.

I'm reading-- May 24th through June 9th

Heh. I can’t read through the Switches without constantly being reminded of experiences playing rugby–no doubt that’s what happened to you. You may like this one too:

Triathlon Training–How to Finish a Half Ironman MY Way

Thanks for taking the time to read, Todd! And good luck with your race in June!!!

Ron Paul Running!

Haha…working on coming back from an injury. I’m nowhere near almost there. 😛

My Triathlon Packing Plan

HealthFirst Olympic Distance…it’s this Sunday. First time I’ve ever done Oly distance–“where the swim matters”. You will have a blast. Of course, you won’t be as fast or handsome competing as your brother is.