Hi!¬† I’m Scott!

I’ve been blogging since sometime in 2007, but you showed up at the right time. Why? Because I got all of my heavy-handed political opinions out of the way a long time ago. I figured out I wasn’t really bringing anyone to my way of thinking, and was quite possibly driving them into the exact opposite direction.

So now I mostly blog about less harmful things like Brazilian jiu jitsu, running, and eating the appropriate foods to help me perform in brazilian jiu jitsu and running.

You know…boring¬†stuff.

I won’t lie…every now and then I start thinking I can relive my glory days and throw in a post about rugby and triathlon, but I’ve lost my taste for the bike for the most part. And I sometimes will give Google or Amazon a heads up about something they are doing wrong and how I can run things better.

But mostly it’s about training.

So that begs the question…what can you learn about me here that you can’t figure out by reading my Twitter feed?

Honestly, probably not much…just more and more minutia of the same stuff.

But you could always click on one of the Amazon links and buy something while you’re over there. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it helps keep the lights on here.