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Played this in my head on loop for roughly 35 minutes this morning.

You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down.

It can’t be stressed enough:

If you are a senior or nearing retirement, your funk will not change under The Uplift Mofo Party Plan.

Best. Cover. Ever.

I wonder if Lionel Richie wrote this song about the same thing all other Faith No More songs are about.

Here’s the “more with less” personified. Or wait, maybe this is less with more considering the production quality. Either way, if you’d like to play along with Fred Eaglesmith’s “Spookin The Horses”, here’s a play along video. I will do more of these by request if the demand is there. As Ol’ Roadhog once said, “I got a lot of requests for this one, but we’re gonna do it anyway.”

Spotify Play…Also Spotify Playlists

Spotify launched a Play Button that let’s you embed a song right in a web page. I’ve tested, and it works like a champ.

Now the really cool part…

You can do this with playlists too, not just songs.

For example, here’s a 90’s-ish running/cycling playlist I’ve been building up. Previously I’d linked to it so people could subscribe on Spotify, but now I have it embedded right into the page, so people can listen right there on my web site.


Ron Paul Running!

Just like last time, I still think he has no chance of winning. But just like last time, he will have the ability to shift the debate towards more libertarian ideas.

The big difference this time around is that Gary Johnson is also running. So instead of being the only libertarian voice in the mainstream debate, there will now be two voices–one a little more extreme than the other. Just an idea here, but maybe Trump is to Palin as Paul is to Johnson.

I do think people are going to be paying more attention this time around when Ron Paul somehow finds a way to tie every single debate question back to the Federal Reserve. You have to give him credit for staying on message. But I think people may be more drawn to Gary Johnson. Not because he’s saying anything that much different than Ron Paul, but because of the way he says it.

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