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People’s Sexiest Man–Dead or Alive.

I bet if you look at People magazine from the 70s and 80 there’s a little asterisk next to the “Sexiest Man Alive” title that says, “Except for Conway Twitty”. They had to make it fair for everyone else or Kenny Rogers and Gene Watson would not have participated in the contest.

On Yoga


I never want to forget I overheard this conversation:

“You’re not going to wear my yoga pants.”

“Why? You never go to yoga.”

“Yes I do.”

“Touch your toes.”

“I can’t touch my toes. That’s why I go to yoga.”

I’m On a Mission And I’m Wishin’…

I’m wishin’ someone could explain this to me. It’s been bugging me for about 20 years now. Watch, then read…

If your best friend Harry has a brother Larry who is going to marry, isn’t it weird that Larry would ask you to be the best man at the wedding? Doesn’t it seem like he’d be more likely to ask Harry? I guess it’s plausible that you could be Larry’s best friend and Larry not be your best friend. But it seems like this is a best friend triangle you’d rather just not be a part of, especially considering that Larry and Harry are brothers.

I guess it’s possible that Harry is the one getting married and Young MC just mentioned off the cuff that Harry has a brother Larry…dunno.

Like I said, that’s been bugging me for 20 years. This, on the other hand, has been bugging me for 2 solid days:

Jamie Dupree Gets the White House Heisman!

I heard WSB Atlanta’s Jamie Dupree, a bona fide member of the media, talking about getting the Heisman from the White House and found an account of it on his blog:

I emailed Deputy White House Press Secretary Reid Cherlin, who was quoted extensively in a story in Saturday’s New York Times, and asked if I could get the information emailed to me.

“Where are you seeing that I distributed “talking points”?” Cherlin replied somewhat huffily to me by email.

He then went on to say that “having never worked with you or heard from you before, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that I didn’t send anything to you.”


I guess I hit a nerve by having the nerve to ask for information from the White House Press Office.

At least he didn’t give me a Serena Williams reply.

The Genius of Corrine Brown

I want to gradulate Corrine Brown on her successful appearance on Jacksonville radio this morning. I only wish there was video to go with this. She really needs her own morning show.

Part I, PartII, Part III, Part IV

I’m not able to decode many of her “answers” into anything that even approach a complete thought, but there on some new terms, questions, and turn of phrase introduced in this discussion:

  • “That’s a one singer…we provide that service”
  • “How come your state dead last?”
  • “The grass need to be cut..that’s what stimulate the economy and get us rollin'”
  • “It’s really no one bullet answer.”
  • “…cars that are more environmental conscious.”

I really hope she runs for Senate so I’ll have an opportunity to vote against her.

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