I’m sure factories that make Band-Aids have some quality control measures. That means at least some of the products they make never make it to the market.

I wonder what they do with all those cull Band-Aids. I’ll tell you what if do if i was the king of the Band-Aid factory…

It’d sell those irregular Band-Aids.

I’d charge about 60% of what high grade bandages go for, and I’d market them as “sympathy-aids.” It wouldn’t matter if they weren’t sterile, or if they were shaped funny, or if they had pictures of Dora without hair.

They’d be perfect for kids who get psychological comfort out of a band aid even if they don’t need one. Also, ever notice how all your kids want a Band-Aid every time one of the other kids gets one? Just give them one of the defective ones out of the cheap box. They won’t know the difference, and BAM! you save 30%!

Less wasted product for their manufacturer, and more money for the kids’ college funds…it’s win/win!

** UPDATE **

Thanks @MichaelSilence for the link love. And he made me think…what if you put a few seconds in the box with the premiums? That way parents could make a game-day call as to whether or not the wound needed a real bandage or just a psychological one.