I don’t keep up with baseball anymore, but Michael Silence brought my attention to an unassisted triple play over the weekend.

When you’ve had an athletic career as long and decorated as mine (I’ll pause for you to finish laughing) that’s been so well documented (again, laughter) it’s sad to say the highlight, if it can be called that, occurred as a five year old in tee-ball. Yeah, I turned an unassisted triple play in tee-ball. You have to remember that when we were kids the only real rule difference between baseball and tee-ball was the tee itself.

I was playing shortstop and there were runners on 1st and 2nd. I ran into the space (is it really the “outfield” in T-ball?) to catch a pop up as the runners were heading to 3rd and 2nd. Luckily, I understood the rules of baseball at an early age, even though these poor kids didn’t. So all I had to do was run over and step on 2nd and tag the runner coming from first (h kept running right for me). Voila! Triple play!

If you played for “the orange team”–we didn’t have a sponsor–you may remember it. However, you were only 5 or 6 years old, so I’ll forgive you for forgetting.