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From Jack Chambless:

With the exception of Geitner, who is alot like Hamilton in his contempt for us commonfolk, the other three….well just look at the names slowly and compare the person from 1776 to the person sitting in the same office in 2012.


Clinton Taking Over For Obama At Presser

I guess I’m supposed to feel outraged. Oddly, “relief” is the word I would choose to describe it. Finally, someone with experience and ability seems to be in control. Added bonus–Bill Clinton actually wants to be President. Notice how he immediately leans on the podium and starts fielding questions.

Obama no longer wants this job. Maybe he never wanted it in the first place. It seems like he’s doing everything he can to work his way out of it.

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “promoted to the level of your incompetency.”

Can you imagine a tee-ball coach handing off a post-game talk with parents to one of his assistants because his wife is waiting in the car? Me either.

Delicious Link Dump– December 6th through December 8th

Women linked to Tiger Woods – At least he has a better eye for talent than Bill Clinton.

Shashi Tharoor: Why nations should pursue "soft" power – If this is true, please explain to me why chicks always dig the guy who can beat up everyone else.

Surf’s up as biggest waves in five years come to Hawaii after North Pacific storm – Sick.

About Those ‘Tax Cuts for the Rich’ – I guess it's time we start paying our fair share after all. And I'm not rich.

More Regulation to Help the "Underserved"? – If a man was smart he would try to figure out where this will create a bubble, invest there, wait for the bubble to inflate, then get out before it bursts. If I man was smart…

Changes hit home for appraiser – Hooray for regulations! Increased cost to the consumer AND reduced income for the service provider! Yay!

America’s Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities – Cool…we unwittingly moved form the #22 city on the list to #18. Look how smart we is.

Apple’s Lala Acquisition – I have high hopes for what is possible here, but my hopes for an Android app are diminishing.

An iPhone App to Track How Badly AT&T Sucks – But it works right out of the box. And if it stops working, you can pay someone else to fix it.

16 Reasons Why We Might Unfollow You On Twitter – A pretty good list here. I can't say I disagree with any of it.

Sentinels Of Freedom Golf Ball Drop – Great Idea for a great cause!

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