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Adding Insult and Gunshots to Injury

This is rich.

Break into someone’s house with two of your buddies, get beat down with a baseball bat by the homeowner, and then get shot several times by your buddies as they flee–leaving you bleeding on the lawn, presumably with a pretty bad headache to boot.

Clay will be charged with home invasion robbery upon release from the hospital, Lt. Heath Sanders said.

I wonder if this guy will be willing to share the identities of his assailants…err…accomplices with investigators.


Concealed Carry Permits – One More For The Good Guys

Thankfully no one was hurt, and how fortunate that a stand-up citizen had access to a legal firearm and was able to thwart a bank robbery.

Torres then pulled a 9mm pistol on the robber before he left the branch building.

“That’s when I took him down. The whole thing lasted three to four minutes. The tellers were all nervous,” said Torres, who ordered the robber to get on the ground.

Interesting part of the article is that Mr. Torres had another brush with a more violent criminal a while back. This guy is like the Lumpy Lambert of Palm Bay.

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