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Daily Reading List — October 2nd

Chromecast, Two Months Later: Where Are All The Apps? – For reals. Chromecast is a pretty incredible device, and I love it. But I was expecting the SDK to be out and usable by a bunch of other apps by now.

In Response to “CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret” – HT @LadyMumps9. Bottom line–there are risks involved when you get your arse up off the couch and do something. If you were all out of excuses, you lucked into another one.

How to Deal with Prerace Anxiety – HT @cyberdyne. I'm a positive taperer.I embrace all phantom injuries and relish the laziness.

What’s In A College Degree? Maybe Not As Much As You Think – The best section of this is "Get Skills, Not Certificates". It always makes me laugh when I go to an official training, and right before I walk out the door they give me a Certificate of Completion.

That usually means that I showed up on time every day and didn't spend too much time excusing myself from the class to deal with work issues on the phone. While in the class, I quickly went through the examples in the "labs" where we weren't ask to solve any problems, but simply follow directions–"type this, then click that."

The Coursera classes I've taken for free, in contrast, are quite challenging. More importantly, I've learned A LOT.

Circle of Death Revised – Zombie Sprints

I worked up a re-vamped version of the Circle of Death Workout for The Missus to try out at the gym yesterday, and she said it was pretty tough. I’m trying to make it a little more focused on sprints instead of distance. I still like the version I posted before which began and ended with a two mile run that was completely wrecked by the exercises preceding it, but doing the Crossfit 1/2 Murph the other day was a little too similar, so I looked for a way to make a variation.

In the spirit of recent events, I think I’ll call this one “Zombie Sprints”.

The running track at my gym is 1/10 mile, so it’s built around that, but you can change the distances for the run to fit your needs.

10 Reps For Time

Rep 1: Run 4 laps (.4 miles) then perform 10 pull ups, 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 burpees, and a 1 minute plank

Rep 2: Run 4 laps (.4 miles) then perform 9 pull ups, 9 push ups, 9 squats, 9 burpees, and a 1 minute plank

Rep 3: Run 4 laps (.4 miles) then perform 8 pull ups, 8 push ups, 8 squats, 8 burpees, and a 1 minute plank

And so on, down to 1…

The planks are 1 minute as long as they aren’t broken, but every time a plank is broken you add an extra 15 seconds of plank (2 minute max). So you can drop it if you want, but it will mean 15 more seconds of plank. Not worth it to me.

The total run for this workout is 4 miles, just like the one I posted before, but the miles are broken up to encourage a faster pace.

We’ll see how it goes.

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