Edgelings.com » The Obama Surprise.

Indeed, you can make the case that the sole contribution the Obama administration has made to entrepreneurship in America to date is to force all of those millions of unemployed people to desperately set up their own businesses in order to survive.

This doesn’t even take into account how much entrepreneurship in general is damaged when companies deemed “too big to fail” are bailed out, effectively guaranteeing market share where there has already been market rejection.

But here’s my favorite part…

High tech CEOs are supposed to be the smartest people you’ve ever met. And most of them are. But when it comes to politics and dealing inside the Beltway, experience has taught me that these men and women are fools, dupes and rubes – and too arrogant to realize it. They thought they were electing one of them, and someone pliable enough to help them succeed while at the same time crushing their competition.

It’s kind of ironic. These guys should know better than anyone that catchy slogans don’t cut it…you have to bring the goods.