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Scissor Sweep Using Lapel — BJJ Training 2.7.2017

It’s been a while since I’ve written up my class notes. I’m still training, and I do have a ton of notes, but I’ve been recording them immediately after class with a voice recorder app. The idea is that I could speak my notes while they are fresh in my mind, then go back later and type them up. Great in theory, and it actually works provided I have the time to go back and type. The good news is that stuff isn’t lost–I hope to go back and write them all up and publish.

So hopefully some back-dated notes are coming soon. They really help me to review–so much new information comes in with every class!

Small class last night with a new blue belt (Shawn). We did a pretty typical warmup with some solo drills involved, and then moved into working on the scissor sweep using the opponent’s lapel for some extra leverage. Beginning from full guard…

  • Break posture and hold down with an overhook and an underhook.
  • Use underhook hand to hand the bottom of opponent’s lapel to overhook hand
  • Push legs away for some space, and move underhook hand across face. Hand gi back to this  hand
  • Use overhook hand to grip the sleeve at the wrist
  • Shrimp out extend sleeve grip side leg wide, other knee to the chest with foot on hip
  • Pull-Pull-Chop-Lift
  • Land in mount and keep that lapel. High mount, and come up to foot on non-lapel grip side
  • Thumb in opposite lapel and drop head for choke

A few rounds of rolling, starting with Ed. I’ve been starting on bottom a lot, but Ed’s kung-fu is surging, and I think it’s time I start challenging for the top again. He’s consistently baiting a triangle, and I’m consistently going for it, but he’s getting better about using that as a pass. I need to come up with an answer for that, because he’s getting really good at finishing arm bars with it.

Next was Abraham. This dude is heavy and strong. I made sure I started on top, but it was tough just to stay there. Took me a while, but I ended up getting the hand-up gi choke.

Then Dan, who I haven’t rolled with in a month. Man–he’s really gotten better in that time. He was a millimeter away from finishing a bow and arrow choke, but I held on and was able to at least defend until the bell.

Frank was a little distracted I think, plus a little tired too. I was able to execute the quarter guard escape, which he at least pretended to be surprised with. Had one nice pressure pass, but he’s still Frank and I’m still me at the end of the day. #Submitted

Went another round with Abraham and spent time on the bottom. Lots of pressure, and it wasn’t fun. I was a few seconds away from finishing a triangle using my new appreciation for the details when the bell went off.

Knee On Belly Escapes

Circle run, partner drills with Dan instead of Norm. We did 10 armbars, 10 kimuras, 10 kimura sweeps each. I really like taking the time to get reps on these techniques, and did 5 of each on each side. Doing them in volume makes me feel like I’m not wasting reps on my off side.

Technique of the day was two escapes from knee on belly. We’ve been working knee on belly offensively for a few weeks, and it’s cool to start looking at the flip side.
1) Don’t push off the knee!

  • Grab belt and anchor forearm against thigh, pant leg with other hand. Make sure elbows are tight on both arms
  • Rotate hips and use leg to stiff arm away with the belt arm
  • Scisoor legs down to belly–keeping the hand on belt the whole
  • Switch hand from pants to other ankle
  • Up to one knee, step around and push, pull ankle
  • Land in reverse KoB and rotate around. That’s still a little awkward for me, especially on my off side.

2) Reach over like kimura to grab arm

  • Hand on side of body to cup their leg and roll them.
  • This gives you some options once the sweep is complete. Scissor choke seemed to be there for me most of the time.

Rolls from bad positions
Jonathan had me in side control, then Dan, then Ana

Next up was a regular roll with Norm. I tried the second kneed on belly escape described above and didn’t get it, which gave him an opportunity to try for a head and arm choke. Later in the roll he tried to cartwheel over my guard and got hurt. Hope he’s ok.

Had a good roll with Rudy, and I think the only thing that saved me was that he thought the end of round bell was the 30 seconds remaining bell. 😛

Two rounds with Jonathan. Tried Norm’s head and arm trick, but he caught me in half guard. I need to work on the transition from mount to side control. I feel like I have more control and more weapons in side control anyway. I’d like to continue to work on finishing from mount and improve there, but in a pinch I’d also like to be able to get to my preferred spot.

Simple Mount Escape – BJJ Training Log September 7, 2016

Really awesome training today. One of the upsides of being on the ground floor of a new gym I guess–when a new class time starts, it will be small and more individualized. Worked out for me this morning since I was the only one there.

While we were stretching, Coach Frank asked what I’d like to work on. I said, “You’re the coach…fix something that’s broken. LOL.”

We rolled for a couple of rounds and he said, “Alright…cool…I know exactly what we need to work on.”

Technique–Simple Mount Escape

I think he saw this watching me roll a few times, then felt it when we rolled. My only real effective option when mounted has been to upa and shrimp/twist to get to a hip and hope I can get a knee in. He gave me a better option today:

  • Trap arm on the side you want to go to
  • Foot on that side outside of their foot
  • Other foot with active toes under butt
  • Twist upper body away from trapped arm
  • Look up
  • Roll head to the gap between shoulder and head while pushing up
  • If using an underhook on the other arm, be aware of that because you roll into full guard

Pretty much like the first one demonstrated here, but with a little more space created with the head/shoulder to make the roll easier.

BJJ Training Log – OPEN MAT – July 30, 2016

Lots of stretching and warming up for the first hour. I needed it. Did a squat/pushup/situp pyramid and a 15 minute yoga routine, then held the pads for the kids to strike and rolled around with them some.

Was getting ready to suggest going to the beach, but then Visiting Ben showed up (PB) and we rolled some. Maybe my most valuable session of rolling so far. We went a few rounds, then he walked me through where some of my holes are (defending armbar) and drilled with me on a side control arm bar I can use. More than anything, he gave me a bunch of wisdom and advice.

First thing–“Go home and write down what you learn.  You can even throw it away after, but go home and mentally review every session. Write down every step to a new technique you learn.”

So here are my mental steps for the arm bar we worked:

  • Feed shoulder
  • Trap arm with head-side leg
  • Wiper-blade arm trap to the other leg
  • Far side arm by the tricep and heavy with the elbow
  • Head-side arm to the ground to prevent head movement
  • Replace head-side arm with head-side foot
  • Trap leg down (controlling head) and squeeze the arm with thighs
  • Body side knee to the air or over-body. Tight thighs.
  • Not always necessary to go all the way to floor for arm-bar. Hips high first, THEN shoulders to the floor.

Arm bar escape–I was recognizing and defending, but the defense was pretty easy to break. To escape, defend and roll with the goal of getting the elbow to the ground.

Full mount advice–got the high knees into the armpits, but post the non-head control hand and you can’t be moved. Be heavy, rest, breathe, wait for a mistake.

I let him know that I feel bad about doing that from side control or mount in class because I feel like it’s taking away my partner’s chance to improve. He said if I’m getting a guy there all the time, we need to work from there. You end up in the position you deserve to be in. The other guy needs to learn how to get out, and I need to learn how to be heavier and hold it better.

Moving (especially when you are big, slow, and inexperienced) creates space. You don’t want space. any movement from a good position should be to improve that position, tightening it up. Wait for the desperate mistake.

Half-guard underhook–serve high pizza. From the top, whizzer that.

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