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Psychological Seconds

I don’t really have a problem with eating healthy. In fact, I have a very healthy appetite. That’s the problem.

So while we generally eat pretty healthy food, my issue is with portion size. And no matter the portion size, if Going Back For Seconds was an Olympic event, there would be investigations into my use of performance enhancers due to my consistent domination of the sport.

So I’ve been pulling a little trick on myself I call “Psychological Seconds”. Pretty simple–I make my first serving of everything a little smaller. And I still have seconds, but now Seconds means the rest of the food that would have normally been on my plate for Firsts. I’m estimating I’ve reduced my caloric intake at meals by ~10-15% by doing this. I’m probably making up the calories throughout the day with snacking, but that’s ok since it probably keeps my metabolism more steady, which means they are probably burning off more efficiently.

At 204 today. My Clydesdale days are numbered.

By the way, if you try this and it works for you, feel free to send me a Little Debbie. They are delicious. “Little Debbie–Unwrap a Smile!”

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