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We’ve Reached Peak “People Can’t Fight”

I hope we soon get to a place where people decline to fight in public because they know someone will film and post it, and they don’t want to look like morons in front of the world.

Fighting In Public Hot Take

These two are pathetic. What are they even doing during this “fight”? I’m honestly surprised that they had enough gas in the tank to go this long, and if you were to ask me who won this fight, I’d say “cardio”.

Of course, guy in black sweatshirt can’t go out with a draw in the dummy contest, so he says “HOLD MY BEER–NOBODY KNOCKS ME OUT BUT ME!!!!”

I also really like the wife/girlfriend of the other guy coming up and hugging/congratulating him as if he just did something.

The only injury that could have come out of that confrontation was chaffing from these two rubbing their fat bellies against each other.

People…please stop fighting in public. If you want to embarrass yourself, start with dancing and singing. Baby steps. There are levels to this game.

Daily Reading List — February 21st

Facebook Phreaks and the Fight to Reclaim Time and Attention – App off the phone is huge. I’m basically down to using FB only so I can grab photos off our BJJ gym’s page to use in my blog posts. 😛

Get Creepy With Yourself Data Selfie – Spreading the word. Hopefully.

How Aligned Is Your Organization? – “Activity is mistaken for progress.”

Cisco snaps up AppDynamics for $3.7B right before its IPO – Dang…was hoping to jump in and buy this low in my stock trading simulator. AppDynamics is good stuff.

Top 10 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

Why Does Time Seem to Move Faster as We Grow Older?

Former Announcer Mike Goldberg Was in the Crowd at UFC Phoenix. This is how the N.W.O. got started. #HeyYo

How to Talk CB Lingo – You know you’ve been looking for this information since the mid-70s. Dang I love the internet

Microsoft StaffHub – Hospitality, healthcare, restaurants…
Man, this is pretty cool.

The Big Sports Post

I’m not into watching sports as much as I used to be. Like, hardly at all. But I saw two interesting things about sports today.

First, check out the card for UFC 100–the biggest event in the history of the UFC.

  • 265: Brock Lesnar (c) (265) vs. Frank Mir (c) (245)
    UFC Heavyweight Championship Unification
  • 170: Georges St-Pierre (c) (170) vs. Thiago Alves (170)
    UFC Welterweight Championship
  • 185: Dan Henderson (185) vs. Michael Bisping (186)
  • 185: Yoshihiro Akiyama (185) vs. Alan Belcher (186)
  • 170: Jon Fitch (170) vs. Paulo Thiago (170)
  • 205: Mark Coleman (205) vs. Stephan Bonnar (205)
  • 155: Mac Danzig (154) vs. Jim Miller (155)
  • 205: Jon Jones (206) vs. Jake O’Brien (206)
  • 170: Dong Hyun Kim (171) vs. T.J. Grant (170)
  • 185: C.B. Dollaway (186) vs. Tom Lawlor (184)
  • 155: Matt Grice (155) vs. Shannon Gugerty (156)

What would you have said 3 or 4 years ago if I told you that the light heavyweight fight at the UFC’s biggest event ever would get 6th billing and would feature Stephan Bonnar as its top name?

The UFC is all about the welterweights right now, huh?

The second cool thing I saw today was in a tweet from @alyssa_milano on 11 things that have happened only once in MLB. I was shocked at how many of these are from the recent past and how many of them I actually remember. But this was my favorite:

During the September 4th, 1908, game between the Tigers and Cleveland Indians, Schaefer was on first and a teammate was on third. The Tigers wanted to do a double steal — Schaefer would break for second, and, when the Indians tried to throw him out, his teammate would steal home. But when Schaefer broke for second, the Indians’ catcher didn’t make the throw, so Schaefer stole the base without the run scoring.

That wasn’t the plan so, on the next pitch, he broke back for first… and successfully stole it without a throw. Then, on the next pitch, he broke for second AGAIN, to try to make the double steal work… but again, the Indians didn’t throw.

That makes him the only player in MLB history to steal the same base twice in one inning. (And one of only two players to ever steal first base from second.)

Meeting Efficiency As Contact Sport

I’ve linked to this Seth Godin post about meeting efficiently before, but it was probably on Twitter. Here’s more than 140 characters worth…

I’ve noticed a typical script most meetings follow:

  • Lots of time spent waiting on people to arrive
  • Meeting then starts with people absent anyway
  • Issues are identified and discussed relatively quickly by the folks who were on time
  • Someone shows up late, and they inevitably want to rehash the issues that have been identified and discussed while they weren’t there.
  • Issues beyond the scope of the meeting are raised, usually by one of the people who was late.
  • At least one person feels the need to continue the meeting for the entirety of its scheduled time with “filler” material.

It all pays the same to me–just some things I’ve noticed over the last 15 years or so. What is strange is that this seems to be a relatively predictable situation, yet there haven’t been many attempts to correct it or make it more efficient.

Maybe if a fist fight or sumo wrestling match were scheduled to begin on time at the beginning and end of every meeting people would be anxious to get their on time and get the meeting over with as soon as possible?

I don’t know what the answer is, I’m just throwing ideas out there.

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