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Daily Reading List — July 10th

Homeschooled Weirdoes And The Culture Of Conformity

DC Administrator Expects Good Schools "Sometime in the Next 10 or 20 Years" – Ugh. Homeschool soap box here…

If something isn't working for you kid, you can change it now. Immediately. You don't even have to wait 10 or 20 minutes.

Why America Is So Obsessed with Florida (man)? – Keep Flarda weird.

Soon you’ll be able to Cast tabs from Chrome without an extension – Yaaaaas

All the OK Google commands. Or at least a lot of them.

Strength Contests from the WWII Era – AoM – Do this kind of stuff daily with a friendly neighbor if you can, and toughen up.

You can’t kill email – This is way more depressing than the articles I read claiming we are headed for a political and financial meltdown.

The End Game Of Bubble Finance – I think they may have at least one more bubble in them.

Daily Reading List — May 26th

Moving a WordPress Site with Cherry Framework: A Little Tip for LESSPHP Errors – So kind to share the solution to this problem!!!

Unstructured Play Is Critical to Child Development – We may lean a little too heavily towards the "unsctructured" side. But at least we don't have to stress about getting some place.

Our approach is, "Learn to love it first, and when you crave the structure and time investment it takes to get better we will give it to you."

Official advice on low-fat diet and cholesterol is wrong, says health charity – It's the sugar people. The sugar.

How Melbourne (FL) could become startup city – Would love to see this. Would love to be a part of this. Wrong that I'm not quite willing to write a check?

TMetric – time tracker for Jira. Link your issues and tasks to time tracking automagically

If I had a birthday coming up…Best Scotch Whiskies Available For Under $35

Connect Bitbucket Cloud to JIRA Cloud applications – Loves it. Connecting Issues to Commits. Big time saver

The Rock Clock Alarm App Keeps You Motivated and Ditches the Snooze Button – Wake up with The Rock is the best feature. The Rock gets up early.


Daily Reading List — September 6th

The student loan bubble is starting to burst – HT @instapundit People will still be able to take equity loans against their homes to pay for their kids' college, right? Assumption is that they have equity. #creditbad

Why The Perfect Nap Makes For The Perfect Workday – I was once asked in a job interview about the single thing I'd change about every job I've ever had. I instantly replied, "I'd implement a post-lunch nap."

Whatever helps you get work done effectively.

$10,000 bike disappears from Ottawa event – Worse than keying Vincent Vega's car.

Key West may impose $50 fine for vomiting in cab – Adjust your travel plans accordingly. I think I'm out regardless of whether or not this passes.

Daily Reading List — April 16th

IMtx 70.3 (BETA) – If you're training for or considering a 70.3, this podcast has an unbelievable amount of good information and tips. If I could afford a coach, Coach Brett would be my guy.

A Sunny Outcome: Why Florida’s Startups Are Soaring High – The perfect place for tech startups I think. No state income tax and great weather. Plus, look at the soil around here Stuart–you can't build on it. You can't grow anything in it.

The day I aged up… what life has taught me. – I <3 runners. Swimmers are cool too.

50 Amazing jQuery Plugins That You Should Start Using Right Now – Sharepoint desperately needs the help of many of these.

A field guide to the Meeting Troll – "The meeting troll has a neverending list of reasonable objections. It's the length of the list that makes the objections unreasonable."

Hey! I know that dude!

Newt or Mitt? So Many Missed Opportunities

There are a few things they could have done to help themselves gain votes with Floridians:

  1. Campaigning here in August instead of January. Florida in January is a no-brainer. Who really wants it?
  2. Participating in a spelling bee with only Spanish words.
  3. Having a first name that isn’t a four-letter word.
  4. Having a first name that sounds like a name instead of an inanimate object.
  5. Lobbying consulting with the National Hurricane Center to have the next devastating storm named after the other.
  6. Attending a Marlins afternoon game. That would have almost doubled attendance.
  7. Make a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives like the one below. It never gets old.

Adding Insult and Gunshots to Injury

This is rich.

Break into someone’s house with two of your buddies, get beat down with a baseball bat by the homeowner, and then get shot several times by your buddies as they flee–leaving you bleeding on the lawn, presumably with a pretty bad headache to boot.

Clay will be charged with home invasion robbery upon release from the hospital, Lt. Heath Sanders said.

I wonder if this guy will be willing to share the identities of his assailants…err…accomplices with investigators.


Another Daggum Link Dump!

‘Blue Christmas’ drug bust targets illegal prescription drug sales in Brevard – Big day tomorrow for mugshots!

Tools vs insight – I am Jack’s complete astonishment that Seth Godin can come up with these amazing posts for his blog on a daily basis. I would read it in a box, and I would read it with a fox.

Does Beer Affect Your Training? – I was warned not to read this, but I did anyway. Dammit.

Rethinking the Value of the Brick Run for Long Course Triathlon – And here I was thinking I was bucking the system by doing “rested bricks” on the weekends. Sounds like I may have been on to something.

How to Make a Citizen’s Arrest – Yes!

If Everyone Else is Such an Idiot, How Come You’re Not Rich? – Atlantic Mobile – Great article from someone who is NOT an idiot.

Stop Trying to Coach People Who Shouldn’t Be Coached! – This applies to so many people in so many situations. And I’ve been all four of these people at one time or another as well. I try my best to be coachable though.

Proper Pacing for Your Best Run – I’ve always just used HR control on the bike and tried to build a good run with negative splits with whatever I had left. There are some good ideas here I could definitely use to improve at different distances.

Cuba Libre! – Check out @hungrymother featured in this article!

A Food Label That Actually Teaches You About Food – There should be a “nom nom” graph on there somewhere too.

Man Attempts To Swim The Atlantic. Fails.

If you’re going to dream, dream big. Any idiot can run from the cops or get involved in a car chase with them. It takes a special person to attempt to swim from them.

“He just took off, and he got a good head start,” DeMorat said. “He was in a foot chase for a few blocks. Then he ran straight into the water.”

Usually, the mugshot section is the best feature on the FloridaToday website, but the stories behind the violations are pretty boring. Today the tables have turned.

Greatest Spits From The Last Few Days

Google’s cloud music service. Request an invite to the beta. 20k tracks stored for free isn’t a bad place to start!

Shit My Students Write – Best new (to me) website I’ve run across in a while

Apple Trumps Google as Most Valuable Brand – Shocked Coca-Cola doesn’t trump both. The carbonate sugar water industry is much more stable than technology. Do you think it’s even within the realm of possibility that someone could knock KO from its perch? Can you say the same for Google and Apple?

Here’s my most successful tweet recently:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/sadcox/statuses/67615378800513024″]

Celebration standout wins 100, 400 at 3A state track meet – My buddy Ryan’s little brother.

Online Poker Caused Osama Bin Laden’s Destruction? – A little out there, but you never know.

What’s high school for? – This is the best post on education I’ve ever read. Seriously.

Password Manager Last Pass Possibly Hacked – Let thy password algorithm reside only in thy head.

Long Overdue Link Dump

I’ve been crazy busy with work for the past few weeks, and a lot has happened. Obviously, I haven’t been reading very much, but here’s a small sample.

An Outsider’s Guide to a Triathlon – Love Todd’s approach.

Justice is Not an Excuse for Jubilation – Pretty much how I feel about it all.

Gas Pump Activism – This. Is. Awsum.

Surprise! Woman finds 7-foot gator in bathroom – Had to read this just to make sure she didn’t find it in my bathroom. Of course, I’d be just as concerned about this woman wandering into the house as I would the gator.

Apocalypse later: what happens the day after we hit the debt ceiling – The horror. The horror.

Higher Education: The Next Asset Bubble? – If you consider college to be an investment, it’s reasonable to calculate your ROI before investing, right?

Social Media for Small Businesses: 6 Effective Strategies – Great tips here for one man shows!

Online Poker Legal Now (in D.C.) – I bet (haha) it won’t take long until this ripples out.

I’m reading– January 18th through January 21st

First two years of college show small gains – Get thee to a community college.

Pick At It! – It’s been a long time since I’ve LOL’d all the way through an article.

Scott: ‘We’re spending too much money’ – The “Scott” in the article is our governor, not me. But this Scott agrees. Here’s what I don’t get about how budgets are crafted–why can’t they just do it the way we do at our house? Start with the amount of money you have, then subtract (by priority) the cost of all the things you have to pay for. As you go down the list of priorities, “needs” transition to “wants”. In good months, we actually make it to some pure “wants”. When the amount of money you have reaches zero, the budget is finished. The budget damn near writes itself! I realize it’s a little more complicated than that for a state legislature, but what if they approached the process by simply prioritizing the spending first?

Worldwide Coffee Production and Consumption – Doing my part on the consumption end. Pretty cool map!

Intro to Heart Rate Training From Mark Allen – If you’re new to heart rate training, this is good. Nice of him to share his personal experience of beginning to use a heart rate monitor.

The Ugly, The Worst, and The Best

The worst thing about living in Florida is that leaving the house to go to the grocery store means you have a good chance of running into a dude who looks like a retired professional rassler.

The best thing about living in Florida is that leaving the house to go to the grocery store means you have a good chance of running into a dude who really is a retired professional rassler.

Awesome Bike Route Close To Home

One of the things I miss about living in East Tennessee is being able to ride my bike on nice country roads. I don’t miss the dogs tearing through yards when they see me coming, and I don’t miss having people honk and yell, “Git off tha roawd!!!” either. But hilly, curvy country roads are definitely a plus of living in Knoxville.

On the flip side, one of the really nice things about living in a small town in Florida is that you can leave right out of the house and go on long flat rides. Safely. Yeah, no hills means no chance to get stronger going up hills, but it also means there’s no opportunity for rest coming down hills. The result is a long, steady pedal in aero position. Besides, you can always go do intervals on a causeway or hit a spin class if you really want hills.

I’ve been riding loops in a nice safe residential area, but it was getting kind of boring. So last night I jumped on to MapMyRide to see if there were any rides near my house that locals have posted. I found a course that passes right by my house and picks up a nice country road about 3 miles away from home. I checked it out with streetview on Google Maps, and I couldn’t wait to get out there this morning.

It didn’t disappoint.

No hills, but it’s pretty nice when you have to keep refocusing on your ride because you’re constantly on the lookout for dolphins instead of cars. The one caveat is that I had to jump out onto US-1 for about a half a mile–traffic’s not too bad at 6:20 am, but a little more traffic on the way back at 7:30. I ended up doing two loops of Rockledge Drive this morning, only passing two cars on my first loop and maybe 6 or 7 on the second. Love riding a course where the number of cars is tripled by the number of runners and cyclists. Even better when your bike speed is the speed limit! I shot this video at 20 mph as the sun was coming up.

Ok, not the greatest video because I have a Hero and not an EVO (HD), but I shot it while my CardioTrainer app and mSpot were both running. That’s right iPhone<4 owners…I been could do that!

Needless to say, my new favorite ride.

Florida Ironman 70.3 Triathlon (As a spectator)

Florida Ironman 70.3 2010

I went over to Orlando yesterday morning with one of my buddies to watch another friend compete in the Florida 70.3 triathlon put on by IronMan at Disney. It was absolutely amazing. I’ve done triathlons myself, but I’ve never gone to see one as a spectator. When you are competing, you’re pretty focused on yourself and what you need to do, so it’s hard to take in the whole event. Even if you aren’t personally into endurance competitions, it’s something I’d recommend going to see once in your life.

It was completely inspiring.

It’s hard to say what the best part of the race was. It may have been watching competitors complete the 1.2 mile swim just before the cutoff time–one lady exited the water with a huge smile and obvious sense of accomplishment on her face, and stopped and broke into tears as soon as she crossed the timing mat.

It was also great to see so many people of different ages and body types doing the race. There were very few elite athletes in the 2,000 person field. They were mostly regular people who have decided to sacrifice a lot of time and effort to take on a race this size knowing they’ll have to make it work around the rest of their lives. As my buddy who went to watch with me noted, “I bet there are so many great stories here.”

After seeing another competitor with only one arm exiting the swim, and yet another getting ready to run with two prosthetic legs and 1.5 arms, you realize that anybody can do a this. All that matters is whether or not you think you can.

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