Actually two, but one goal was really important to me, and  matters for a lot of people too.

This summer I was so excited to sign up to run the Space Coast Marathon with Team Miles of Love. I set a goal to raise $500 for this great local charity and kicked off the fund raising by making a contribution of $70 to cover my race entry, which was paid by MOL. I really didn’t know what to expect, and I thought there was a good chance we’d be dipping into our own pockets again to fill out the goal. Not a problem at all, because we really believe in the MOL mission and are super excited about what they do in our community.

I’m very happy to say that with 9 weeks left before the race, my kick aise friends have already put me at the $600 mark for fund raising. I can’t express how excited I am about this and how fun it is to have so much fund raising momentum!

The top fund raiser on our team wins entry into another race in February. That, I’m not exactly excited about, but I wanna win!

Oh…and the other goal I hit was comfortably falling below race weight a week and a half before Battle of the Bridges on Sunday. Looking forward to a great race!