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Some Tough News for Hotmail and Yahoo

We don’t need you any longer. Changing your interface or brand aren’t compelling reasons for us to use your services. They don’t solve a problem, so there’s no need to switch.

People may return to Flickr from Instagram, but that’s because of what Instagram (Facebook) does more than it is because of what Flickr does.

When Google Search screws up, maybe I’ll return to Yahoo.

When Gmail isn’t doing it for me, maybe I’ll return to Hotmail/Outlook.

Until then, what do I get for changing?

Refill Your Travel Toothpaste Bottles with a DIY Adapter – Bookmarking just in case things get really bad and I’m forced to buy toothpaste in bulk. Just. In. Case.

5 Fun Ways to Learn a New Language – One thing that has worked well for me is “Spanish Hour”. For a whole hour, The Missus will play the roll of someone who doesn’t speak any English at all. This usually results in both of us getting some quiet time reading.

How to Keep your Google Contacts Up-to-date Always!

Gmail Feature Want

Dear gmail: give me a way to act on an email (“Like”, “Thanks”, “Will Do”, etc) by just pushing a button. Let me configure these myself. If the original sender is a gmail/Google apps user, actions can just appear as attributes of original message with a browser notification if that’s what the sender is configured for. If outside, or if the sender wants message notifications to continue, go ahead and send the person an email for me.

But don’t make me type these things out a hundred times a day.

Even better–you could give me the option to white-list individuals to turn their messages into Google+ posts instead of emails from my perspective and I can just +1 them from there.



Your Gateway To The Pocket Chainsaw and More

Pocket Chainsaw – Genius! Please develop a pocket band saw and forklift as well please.

A Marathon of Measurements – I’m glad someone wants to do this. Wish there were more of these guys.

2:16 Marathoner Says He Can Break 2:00 – If he didn’t have to work. I could do it too…if I didn’t weight 200 lbs, had a coach and dietitian, and more flexibility in my hips. Oh yeah, I’d like a shoe sponsor as well. Geesh.

Custom themes in Gmail – Add photos to your gmail theme…cool!

The Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men – Counting down the days to the time when I will take the room I want for my office!

Choose, Lace, and Replace Your Running Shoes Based on How You Run – Hopefully this will make a bigger difference than the podiatrist did.

Twitter moves toward the news system of the future – Or, as it is known in many circles, Google+

Better With Age – This is comforting

Thinking of going this route – FIRST marathon training plan

Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell vivid story of gritty New York City – Awsum.

A Simple, Responsive, Mobile First Navigation

Google Semantic Search: Bad for SEO, Good for You – Make your SEO money now!

All Hallows Link Dump

Apple to Make Remote Obsolete? – Because sitting on your ass staring at a screen just isn’t easy enough yet. For some people, the only exercise they get is lifting sofa cushions to look for the remote.

How to Get a Personalized Financial Plan Without Spending a Fortune – Awesome idea, but not sure if I like the idea of giving up the personal attention. Then again, I don’t like the idea of giving up $100 an hour for personal attention.

Signs Of A Slowdown Are Obvious (In China) – They should probably borrow some money to work on that wall thing. You know, infrastructure and all.

7 Steps for Building A Mobile Future In Your Enterprise

Gmail to Unveil New Interface – Unlike FB, I think something Google can really leverage is becoming a place you live, not a site you visit. This looks much more like G+.

100-Year-Old Man Completes Marathon – How old are you?

I’m reading– February 27th through March 10th

Mandatory DNA sampling threatens constitutional liberties – Check out my boy BCM in the Washington Examiner.

Spotlight-Chasing Candidates of 2012 – Some of these things are not like the others. Mr. Will focuses on two of the three spotlight-chasers. Thankfully, he doesn't even give the third a passing mention.

Make a Local Backup Of Your Gmail Account – Was just telling someone how awesome the cloud is…and how you need to have every bit of it backed up locally.

Triathlon as a means of birth control – I'm only one case study, but I can't recommend this method. One thing they didn't discuss is what happens to testosterone levels when training is cut back (post "big" race). That may explain a lot in my case.

The changing face of fame – Based on the "stars without makeup" photos I've seen, I credit improvements in makeup and lighting mostly. I have a feeling Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn didn't look too shabby in sweats at the grocery store.

Stuff You Should See– December 9th through December 15th

How to Use Gmail as Your Central, Universal Communications Hub – One of these days, one of these days…I'm going to implement these suggestions. At least the ones I haven't already implemented.

End of the Culture Wars? – Really interesting take on the widening gap between the moderately educated and the highly educated. The numbers on divorce rates alone are pretty staggering.

Toasted Coconut Cake with Coconut Filling and Coconut Buttercream – I'm thinking of throwing down again.

The Crisis of the Middle – hmmm….interesting.

Montessori at Home? – We're working up a Montessori area right now. The materials are the catch for us, but you can build as you go.

Gmail Launches Non-Threaded “Feature”

Gmail’s threaded, conversation based approach to email is one of the things that sold me on it early on. But I know there are people who don’t like it and prefer the traditional “one message, one line in my inbox” way of viewing their email.

Fair enough–diff’rent strokes and all. But I always thought it was a little unfortunate that people didn’t take advantage of all the other great gmail features because they didn’t like the threaded messages, especially small businesses that could use Google’s awesome services so easily.

Today, Google announced the ability to turn the threaded feature off. That means people who are used to the Microsoft Outlook type email will be able to use gmail more comfortably while still taking advantage of all the other great features like search and filtering.

Good move on Google’s part to try to include these folks. I approve.

Delicious Link Dump– December 17th through December 18th

Using Google Apps? 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked – I really need to get around to doing these things. Looks like you could make it happen in less than 15 minutes and save yourself a lot of heartache.

WordPress 2.9, oh so fine – Just updated, and this should force a post. The image editor and easy video embed are nice!

Common Laptop/Netbook Positions to Avoid – I'm just going to pretend I didn't see this.

Nullification: Friend of Liberty – Well Texas?

Jesus Was Cool – "Be nice to each other." Pretty simple. But wait, there's more…

Developer Resources for Android – This is on my to-do list. I swear. I even have an app idea that will be huge for a very small market.

Jerry Taylor discusses global warming on the premiere of Stossel – I missed this inaugural episode and haven't had a chance to watch this yet, but it looks to be interesting

Drunk Four Year Old Steals Christmas Presents – Shock and awe.

Delicious Link Dump– October 5th through October 6th

Promiscuous dispersal of your email address – "Sure, you'll get a lot of spam, but deleting spam is a lot easier than finding customers." Wow.

Playgrounds From the 70’s – Totally Awsumness

20,000+ Gmail, Yahoo, AOL Accounts Compromised [ALERT] – No one needs your password for anything. Period.

Plot to Stop Using The Dollar? – I was just thinking the other day that I may be better of getting paid in cigarettes, potato liquor and Levis.

Space Program Needs A Plan, And Fast! – Hmm….maybe we should wait a year or two to buy a house here?

Message In A Bottle Found This Weekend – Pretty cool. I hope my Star Wars action figures wash up some day.

Man arrested for tweeting G20 Pittsburgh cops’ location | No Silence Here – If the police don't want you to know where they are, they should wear invisible cloaks. Duh!

No Sympathy For Polanski – Newscoma – I can't believe even one person on the planet would defend this guy. Good for 'Coma!

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