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Delicious Link Dump– November 1st through November 4th

Twitter Shenanigans in Brevard County – I suspect someone may be overestimating their relevancy. I just haven't been here long enough to determine who that is in this case.

Welcome to Marikafka County, Arizona – Where the only way you can protect your attorney/client privilege is to waive your attorney/client privilege. This video of a court official stealing documents from a defense attorney's desk is unbelievable. Even more insane is what followed.

Amazon Turns On The Twitter Pump To Fuel Referral Fees – This is a good thing! People who are using their Twitter feeds just to sell will be ignored anyway. But if you're using it to genuinely recommend/refer people to cool products, they should recognize that. Nothing wrong with getting a little juice for helping them out.

Gore’s Dual Role in Spotlight – Back in college they called him "Double Down"–he was known for replacing most of the cards in the deck with aces.

Fire Your Clients! – Maybe good advice for people outside of real estate as well.

Dismantling America: Part II – Thomas Sowell's got smarts real good. If you don't subscribe to his RSS feed, well…you don't got them kinda smarts.

iPhone vs. I Phone – Is it a coincidence I went with an Android phone? Probably, but still…

Google Wave User’s Guide – Alternate title: Sudoku For Optimists

Space Monkeys and Green Roofs

KNS article on my buddy Jay. He bought an old eyesore building on Broadway, gutted it, and is completely renovating it into some very nice commercial space. Part of that invovles a green roof. Stop by and check out what he’s doing if you’re interested.

Proponents of green roofs rave about the benefits. Energy savings routinely reach more than 25 percent. Plants convert heat and soil moisture into humidity, which brings about evaporative cooling. Vegetation-growing roofs reduce noise, improve air quality and are pleasing to the eye.

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