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Daily Reading List — April 28th

SoundCloud Opens Its Podcasting Features To Everyone – This is cool. I could see it being used for doing things like leaving really long voicemails for people. Why would you want to do that? Well, if you do it as a podcast, it’s like leaving a voicemail without having to call and take the risk that they’ll actually pick up the phone.

“Soundcloud – Talk To The People You Don’t Want To Listen To”

Help out South Doyle Boys Rugby – Nationally ranked, and in need of travel money!

If You Add Drunk People to Fitness Quotes, Things Get Hilarious – Finally someone speaks the truth.

4 Reasons Introverts Make Some Of The Best Entrepreneurs – Also, we’re probably less likely to say something that ticks someone off. That is, until we say something.

The Future Of Big Data Looks Like Streaming

Nevada among most financially illiterate states – The hell you say!

10 Small, Unexpected Things That Will Make You Happier – And a tiny speck of dust rugby.

‘Millionaire Next Door’ author dies in crash – Sad to hear. As I was opened up my feed reader this morning and scrolling through the posts of all the blogs I followed, I actually thought, “Man…Thomas Stanley’s is one of the only blogs I read every single post from.”

Daily Reading List — January 17th

NCAA Welcomes Women’s Triathlon – A little bit of a different view here from me, but I can't imagine why you'd want the NCAA involved in your favorite sport. Stay away from my beer pong.

Steven Lord Blog: The Rhythm Of Life (and drafting) – I see people drafting in races all the time. And I really don't give a ladybug if they do it. Eventually, this is going to result in a really big pileup in a really big race. Besides, virtue is its own reward.

From Victim to Villain in a flash – As they are fond of hollering in East Tennessee — "Git off the rowed!"

I <3 Trainerroad.

6 Simple Habits To Keep You Consistently Happy Every Day – All very easy to do. I'd add another–Just.Slow.Down. That probably falls under disengagement.

Narcissists tweet more often and crave followers on Twitter – So younger narcissists are more likely to post to twitter, and middle aged narcissists are more likely to update Facebook.

Unanswered questions here: what about middle aged people who update twitter a lot? Was Instagram even considered in the narcissism scale, out did they run out of space to measure it there?

10 Tips for Dating a Single Mom – Hilarious. Read the comments first, then go back and read the article. The comments are pure gold. Gold Jerry!

Van Halen’s 1984 Turns 30 Today — How Does It Hold Up? – Best quote from this whole (incredibly good) post:

"Does it ['Panama'] hold up? Embarrassing question. Yes, it holds up. It might be holding this entire goddamned country up."

Happy People Count Their Current and Future Blessings – "View living a spartan lifestyle as temporary, merely a prerequisite to joining the ranks of the socioeconomic achievers in America."

This is Sparta!

Daily Reading List — August 26th

A letter to our online readers from our publisher – I've really missed Billie's comments for a long time. This is the final nail in that Cherokeep's coffin. 🙁

Pizza delivery man shoots, kills attempted robbery suspect – I had a friend back in the day who was robbed and shot while delivering pizza. Thankfully, he made a full recovery, but it was a long hard road. This outcome would have preferable to me. Word to the 321.

ZenTri Podcast 536 – What is Zen? – If you only listen to one podcast today about how Eastern philosophy can influence your training, make sure this is the one.

And…even if you aren't a triathlete but you'd to hear some plain talk ideas on how to get a little more clarity in general, you may dig this episode.

4 Reasons To Love Your Work – I'm batting .750 here. I'll take it. That part where you "actually like meetings" is a tall order.

Daily Reading List — July 24th

Five Ways To A Faster Run Split – Got my best 70.3 run split doing a lot of this stuff. One of the things I changed was the way I do intervals–just go hard for as long as you can, as many times as you can. I've found I'll push myself much farther than if it was prescribed, and I'll do more reps too.

Will Fuelling Less Boost Your Fitness? – This is my "thing" this year. We'll see…

Man swims 5 hours to save his family – Studly.

People With a Lot of Self-Control Are Happier – Pretty intuitive to me. It's not about denying yourself, it's about avoiding the guilt and the regret that inevitably come from making impulse decisions.

Daily Reading List — March 20th

Triathlon Is What You Make Of It – While I was on the bike last night I was watching a documentary on Jon Fitch (UFC Fighter). He mentioned that one of the things he really likes about MMA is that there's some honesty in it–no shortcuts, no way to cheat the system. These are things we seen a lot in other parts of life. I think that applies to triathlon as well. From the first to cross the finish line to the last, just about everyone on race day personally gets out of it what they put into it.

22 Things Happy People Do Differently – Best. Hot dog. Ever.

Replace hot dog with whatever.

Why Local SEO Is Vital For Small Businesses [Infographic] – I'm finding more and more that just taking care of things locally make a huge difference. But my experience was just anecdotal until now.

json2csharp – generate c# classes from json – Saving me about a million years' worth of work.

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