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Finally Got the HTC Hero 2.1 Update! Here’s a How To

Ok, so it wasn’t the “official” official release, apparently just the leaked official release. But the update went smoothly, and the phone is insanely faster and better than it was before. I found this video guide that shows how to install by downloading the executable to your PC and running it with your phone attached to USB–no need to root your phone to run this update if that’s something that worries you.

The update takes a few minutes to run, and mine was a cinch. Here’s a link to the executable update file that’s referenced in the video.

Drop That Zero, You Need a Hero

htc-heroI picked up the HTC Hero for my Sprint account yesterday. So far, I love it. Of course, my last phone was the free one I got five years ago and hasn’t worked for a couple of weeks, so just about anything would have been an upgrade. You can read real a real review of the ins and outs at Gizmodo.

Me, I’ve installed Pandora and a compass app. Once I get my Exchange account to sync I will be complete. I do like the fact that you can run multiple apps at once and can expand the memory with a standard card. Other phones *cough*iPhone*cough* don’t do that.

iPhone Choke Hold on Carriers

I keep up with technology, but I’m usually a little late to enter the market on gadgets. I usually prefer to wait to see what kind of devices spring up from competition. In this case, I’m waiting on the Android Hero from Sprint (low cost) instead of jumping onto the iPhone and being forced into a contract with AT&T. Turns out, they may be happy at least one high bandwidth user didn’t sign up with them.

In addition to these issues, Strand Consult also notes that the iPhone only attracts a limited market segment and one in which customers already were heavy data users…so they’re not actually bringing in that much new revenue via their iPhone data plans. Meanwhile, flat rate data plans mean that the “high data consumption results in high production costs without the corresponding increased revenue.”

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