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Agile Software and Agile Legislation

Neville’s latest, What if Congress Adopted the Agile Manifesto, is truly great.

You can read the whole post at the jump, but here’s my favorite part:

10) Simplicity–the art of maximizing the amount of work not done–is essential.
…I think Congress skipped this step. Oh well, it was the only “essential” step.

I’ve long been an advocate of Congress getting as little “work done” as possible. Congress working means us either paying higher taxes or losing liberties–often times both. If you ever hear your Congressman bragging about how many pieces of legislation he’s had passed, vote that guy out as quickly as possible.

Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with the Agile Manifesto principles for software development, well…why are you still reading this? Click the link.

Well Lefty Blogosphere?

Here’s your chance to show you aren’t hypocritical. Blue Collar Muse has posted the contents of an email that he says was sent while the whole brouhaha from yesterday was occurring–this time from a Tennessee Democrat staffer.

Are we going to see some outrage here?

Some have stepped up already, others are saying in the comments that they will wait until a name is released. I definitely won’t hold my breath waiting for some national attention.

My position remains the same…how stupid do you have to be? Really?

I thought we’d moved past blatant stupidity in this country, especially after yesterday.  😀

If you were to follow the line of logic set up by those who let their party affiliation dictate what they are outraged about and what the aren’t, the only logical conclusion would be that all Democrats and Republicans are stupid and/or racist.

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