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We’ve Reached Peak “People Can’t Fight”

I hope we soon get to a place where people decline to fight in public because they know someone will film and post it, and they don’t want to look like morons in front of the world.

Fighting In Public Hot Take

These two are pathetic. What are they even doing during this “fight”? I’m honestly surprised that they had enough gas in the tank to go this long, and if you were to ask me who won this fight, I’d say “cardio”.

Of course, guy in black sweatshirt can’t go out with a draw in the dummy contest, so he says “HOLD MY BEER–NOBODY KNOCKS ME OUT BUT ME!!!!”

I also really like the wife/girlfriend of the other guy coming up and hugging/congratulating him as if he just did something.

The only injury that could have come out of that confrontation was chaffing from these two rubbing their fat bellies against each other.

People…please stop fighting in public. If you want to embarrass yourself, start with dancing and singing. Baby steps. There are levels to this game.

Too Many People Get Into College

At least at the University of Georgia, where this anit-Wal-mart column was published in the student newspaper:

Many corporations are firing American workers to cut production costs. They then charge American consumers more money than what it took to produce their products.

You got that? Companies are charging people more money for a product than it cost to produce the product!!! How disgraceful!!!

No mention if the article whether or not there are some companies that aren’t firing workers and are still charging consumers more than it took to produce their products. Maybe Crystal Villarreal could do her master’s thesis on that research.

HT: Talkmaster

Internet Kill Switch — What A Joke

If this passes, hopefully someone with some sense will just install a “switch” in the Oval Office and put a label under it that says “Internet”. It won’t do anything, but that’s ok. The people involved clearly have little understanding of what they’re talking about anyway. We could give Al Gore a lifetime position that requires him to flip the switch when he turns in for the night to cut back on the global warming or whatever other crisis the interwebs contribute to.

Even if the president ordered all U.S. Internet companies to block, say, all packets coming from China, or restrict non-military communications, or just shut down access in the greater New York area, it wouldn’t work. You can’t figure out what packets do just by looking at them; if you could, defending against worms and viruses would be much easier.

“Shutting down” the internet isn’t anything like closing the freeway. It’s like shutting down radio, television, and newspapers all at once. We don’t even have a radio, cable, or a TV antenna at our house, so how would we know the webs had been shut down (for our protection)? You know what that means…get ready for the phone systems to get wrecked as part of the collateral damage with people calling up their internet providers because they can’t do the Googles or log on to the Facebooks.

HT Les Jones at NoSilenceHere

To The Jackass Who Almost Ran Over Me

When you are almost hit by a car

My paint job is messed up. His in intact.

The big fat line painted on the parking lot you were exiting and the big octagonal red “STOP” sign were directed at you. Luckily (mostly for you), I’m a much better cyclist than you are a driver. If that weren’t the case you’d be dealing with some actual legal problems. I realize you were in too big of a hurry to get somewhere to at least roll down your window and ask if I was ok. Hope it was important. Please tell the Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy I said thanks again when he stops by your house.

Also, a big thanks to Jesse, who works for Brighthouse and called in your plates. Poor guy thought you actually hit me. I guess your car was in the way when he saw me go Supermanning over the handle bars, so he couldn’t see me bounce off the pavement instead of your vehicle.

Again, I’m ok–very little damage done, other than me being very angry. On second thought, maybe it is best that you just drove away.

Delicious Link Dump– December 28th through December 29th

The 30 Freakiest Commercials of 2009 – I love commercials, and not just because they make LOST free for me to watch.

Star Wars/A-Team intro mashup – Seriously? It took us until late 2009 for someone to make this happen? Where is your creativity people?

E-Books Beat Regular Books – December 25, 2009 is the day we turned the corner in publishing. Publishers probably thought it would never happen. If only there’s been some sort of warning…maybe if it had happened in other industries (music, movies, newspapers) they could have been better prepared.

Into the Wild – I read it over the weekend. I haven’t seen a movie for…ever, and the guy who was telling me about the movie gave me the book as a gift. I can’t really say that I like Christopher McCandless as portrayed in the book, but I think that was done on purpose. I can relate to him in some ways though. We’re pretty much the same age, and I know a lot of guys who have some of the same character traits as him. I think it was pretty common for young men from our generation to be a little angry about not having much to be angry about. But I think if this guy had played rugby he’d still be alive today. If you play(ed) rugby, you probably understand why. If you don’t, it’s not something I can really explain to you.

The Sexiest Magazine Covers of 2009 – I wasn’t aware that any magazines were still being printed. Thankfully, there are web sites out there to filter through them and find the things I need.

Happiest States Revealed by New Research – Climbing the ranks in best cities to live in and happiest states to live in as well. Soon, we’ll reach residential nirvana. As soon as we have a house.

Thank you, Janet. – She should get dressed up in a flight suit and have her photo taken in front of a banner reading “The system worked” on an aircraft carrier. Now, watch this drive.

Smokers Hacking Up A Lung Over Federal Tax Increase

Wait. But wh…huh? You mean a tax on an industry/corporation is being passed on to a consumer? Does O’Bama know about this?!?!?!  That’s not fair!  LOL!

But major tobacco companies began incorporating that increase into their prices to wholesalers in March. And the companies, wholesalers and retailers in many cases gave prices a boost beyond the tax increase, in part to make up for an expected drop in sales caused by the hike, some of them said.

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