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Daily Reading List — October 10th

Is the internet making you (think you’re) ill? You’re a cyberchondriac – Finally! There's a word for it!

US adults are dumber than the average human. – Our representation has known this for decades.

What makes triathletes so tough? – I always thought it was the crappy food choices we resort to during races.

“Best of the Fest” at the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Marketplace Booths! – I expect I'll be doubling down on the kimchi dogs.

You always hear about how hard it is to find time to train when you have small kids. I think it’s true that it presents a challenge, but one that’s pretty easily overcome if you are disciplined with your schedule. Finding time to train isn’t the hardest part of training when you have small kids.

The hardest thing about training when you have small kids is that there seems to always be a cold, ear infection, or sore throat lurking around the house. I don’t notice it so much when the schedule is light, but when volume picks up and the body is more susceptible to the crud, I seem to get it at every turn.

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