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Facebook Product Development Process

  1. Get on Twitter and find 10-12 things that are successful (Instagram, Snapchat, Google Reader, Vine, etc.)
  2. Write these onto slips of paper and put them in a hat
  3. Pick a slip of paper out of the hat
  4. Try to buy that thing
  5. If you can’t buy it, build something kind of like it and sloppily integrate it
  6. Go ahead and start a group people can join to complain about the change

I will give them credit for trying out some new things like Timeline and Home for Android. Maybe not the most successful features, but at least they were different and showed some creativity.

I will also admit that for creating videos, Instagram>Vine. The problem is, for consuming videos Vine>Instagram, and most of us (especially me) should stick to consuming video instead of creating it.

The Facebook UX is an absolute train wreck.

Daily Reading List — January 18th

Duolingo – One more foreign language resource. I like this one the best of all the ones I've tried so far.

The Predecessor To Google Books, Facebook Graph Search, And–In The Early 1900s – Long read, but very cool

Facebook Graph Search: Noisier And Nosier Than Ever – Now that's what I'm sayin'. Facebook's Graph search is big. But I can't help but think it's a sword without a hilt (gratuitous GOT reference). In related news, I deleted my Instagram account this week. I miss it about this much ||.

Hack Design Teaches Design To Hackers – I really need this. Like 9 years ago.

Instagram’s Loss

The best thing Google could do today to snag some market share in the photo sharing space would be to get SnapSeed updated to share directly to Twitter (and play nicely while doing it). Leave the photos of kids and puppies to Istagram/Facebook and get the really good photographers who haven’t moved to Google+ yet get their feet wet with the easy Twitter integration. They’ll¬†inevitably¬†share to G+ while they’re at it.

I can’t help but think Instgram has really screwed up by starting this fight with Twitter.

Facebook and G+ are such different things, and one area where G+ destroys Facebook is in photography. Production and consumption there is so far beyond what is possible on Facebook.

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