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Jay-Z’s Beef With A Hundred Children

Jay-Z Beef

Jigga’s problems have been documented here before, but his latest beef with The Game is seemingly unilateral. It’s the genesis of a very interesting post at

The changes in Jay-Z’s approach over the years suggest that he recognizes the realist and liberal logic… but is sorely tempted by the neo-conservative impulse. Back when he was younger, Jay-Z was a merciless, ruthless killer in the “beefs” which define hip hop politics.  He never would have gotten to the top without that.  But since then he’s changed his style and has instead largely chosen to stand above the fray.   As Jay-Z got older and more powerful, the marginal benefits of such battles declined and the costs increased even as the number of would-be rivals escalated.  Just as the U.S. attracts resentment and rhetorical anti-Americanism simply by virtue of being on top, so did Jay-Z attract a disproportionate number of attackers.

See, you can learn something from rap.

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I Feel Bad For You Son

A posted this a while back in a longer post over at that other place. Looking back, I think this graph which illustrates Jay Z’s problems is my favorite part of the whole post, and I can’t even take credit for it.

As you can see, “fools” and “foes” seem to be the two major stress points. We’d be wise to take note and do our best to avoid both whenever possible. The bonus is that doing so would leave us more time to deal with paparazzi, riffraff, and critics.


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