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My Final Word On Lance Armstrong

Do I care that he used PEDs and/or blood doped to win the TDF?

Not a bit.

Do I care that he bullied other riders and threatened their careers if they didn’t go along with his program?


Fan boys, you can say all you want about all the great things the guy has done for cancer research, but it just doesn’t factor in here. Yes, he has used his brand to do a lot of good. I’ll admit that.

But that’s not what he set out to do. That’s not why he doped and bullied. He doped and bullied to be the best cyclist in the world, win the TDF, and get rich doing it.

Green. Get the money. Dolla dolla bill, yo.

Show me a video of him opening up a postmarked letter he mailed to himself back in the early 90s that outlines his plans to start using PEDs and blood doping to build up notoriety so that he could one day stamp out cancer. Show me proof that his true goal from the beginning was to do all of these great things. Show me he started a doping program and threatened other people’s livelihoods with regret, realizing from the beginning that he was doing horrible things, but that the ends would justify the means.

This isn’t just sour grapes over getting my ass whooped by him either.

“Win if you can, lose is you must, but ALWAYS cheat!” ~Ric Flair

Most Accurate Drug Test Out There

Not piling on Lance Armstrong. The guy’s amazing…no matter what. And it’s important to note that he hasn’t admitted to anything.

But let’s get real. Here’s all the testing we really need.

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If “Yes”, we can say with reasonably strong certainty you’ve done something the USADA wouldn’t like at some point.

If “No”, well…nobody seems to care, unless you are a professional rassler.

Tracking Diet AND Fitness

lance_armstrong_livestrongIf you haven’t checked out Livestrong, it’s the best site I’ve seen so far for tracking everything. They even have sports (like rugby) listed so that you can just pop in the amount of time you spent playing it will throw it into your calorie track. Lots of foods are already logged there, so just type in what you ate and it will more than likely show up. It also lets you group together common meals you eat and recommends healthier food choices.

There’s an active community there, and they also have really cool programs called “Dares” set up that allow you to join in and participate.

Success is much easier when you are quantifying everything. They have Facebook integration and an iPhone app, and I hope there’s an Android app coming out soon.

Other cool features–a water tracker in the sidebar that lets you hit a button and claim hydration. It’s actually a great motivator to drink more water.

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