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It’s About The Children, Not The Farmers

Proposed rule changes by the Labor Department may be bad for farmers, but they are worse for kids.

We never owned a farm when I was growing up, but I knew plenty of people who did. Having the opportunity to do farm work at a young age is one of the single biggest advantages I’ve had in life, second only to being as handsome as ten movie stars.

That was a joke.

First of all, it gave me the opportunity at an early age to learn about working to earn something. Most of the time I was paid by how much work I did, not how many hours I worked. The harder you worked or the more desired skills you possessed, the more you could earn. Example: suckering tobacco doesn’t pay nearly as much as cutting and spiking tobacco. I learned the lesson my first year of working tobacco for a family friend. I showed up the next year anxious to cut.

Secondly, I learned the difference between “working” and “working hard”. I learned this mostly from my Uncle Fred. My dad (he was actually my dad’s uncle) had already told me that this old man could outwork anybody he knew, and he lived up to his reputation the first day he hired me on. Lucky for me the other two guys working with us were grown men with a knack for laziness. I could easily outpace them, so he wasn’t too hard on me. But I did get to hear his opinion of people like them while we were waiting on them to finish their work, and I knew I didn’t want anyone to talk about me that way if I could help it.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Working hard at an early age is good for the body, mind, and soul. If nothing else it can give kids the motivation to make the most of their education so they don’t have to spend their lives doing back-breaking labor. I’m talking about kids 11 and 12 years old and up here, not babies.

Why would anyone want to deny kids the right…yeah, I called it a right…to learn these lessons, earn their own money, and actually get outside and do something productive?

Let me put it on tougher terms–these are the kids you are going to be depending on to go out and hit it hard all day to pay your social security (or whatever sort of safety net exists at that point).

We are getting soft.

This is the part that really gets me:

Furthermore, most 14- and 15-year-old workers would be prevented from operating any tractor, all-terrain vehicle, milking machine, or lawn mower. Now, exemptions exist that allow them to operate such equipment given they complete a 24 hour safety course…

My safety course for driving a tractor consisted of “You know how to work a riding mower don’t you?”.  It was sort of implied that if I wrecked my Uncle Fred’s tractor and survived, my safety would be in danger.

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Long Overdue Link Dump

I’ve been crazy busy with work for the past few weeks, and a lot has happened. Obviously, I haven’t been reading very much, but here’s a small sample.

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I’m reading– January 11th through January 12th

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Stuff You Should See– July 31st through August 16th

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Michael P. Fleischer: Why I’m Not Hiring – Interesting…and I thought it was just because he was a racist.

The Great Reset of Urban Development in Economic Downturns – Metropolitan corridors. I don’t like the sound of that.

Internet gambling freedom boosted by House committee vote – It’s comin’….

Rdio – Even more music.

Zone 12 Project gang: Little Blue Egg – I will put this right next to the outdoor shower. Or maybe inside the outdoor shower.

Build Your Own Outdoor Shower – Coming soon to a side of the house near me. I hope.

ColdBeerless Beach?

Oh yeah, this is going to go over really well…

First, it was kegs, then couches. Now, Cocoa Beach will consider banning booze on the beach.

It’s a sad day when a man can’t sit on his couch and drink a coldbeer (on the beach). Why don’t they just ban “acting-like-a-drunk-idiot”. That would give them the ability to not only persecute the intoxicated, but also the people who are stupid without the help of alcohol.

I will admit that there have been times that drinking coldbeer and acting like an idiot weren’t necessarily mutually exclusive for me. It’s a long process, but that’s actually how one learns to eventually enjoy one without the other.

I say we go after the people who leave their cigarette asses on the beach first.

First They Came For The Truck Nutz

And I didn’t speak up…because I don’t own a truck.

Senate lawmakers in Florida have voted to ban the fake bull testicles that dangle from the trailer hitches of many trucks and cars throughout the state.

No word on whether or not it will remain legal to dangle real bull testicles from a trailer hitch.

I, for one, will not complain. These are the things lawmakers should concern themselves with, because this doesn’t matter. As long as they aren’t raising taxes or making me buy… me something, I’m ok with it.

Delicious Link Dump– December 29th through December 30th

Calendar Reform – I’m all for it. But can we please keep Congress away from it? I like the idea of WorldDay, which would fall outside the calendar and not be a marked day at all (Friday, Saturday, WorldDay, Sunday) once a year. That should help it get bilateral acceptance, right?

Go to Nashvegas with Gavin Baker – That’s not an insult, it’s for real. He’s heading to Social Fresh. Details are at his place after the link.

Sonrisa Salvaje – I’d totally forgotten DLR made this record. Can I write this off as an education expense to learn Spanish?

I’m Going To Turn My Grandmother Into A Radical Libertarian – I’m down like four flat tires. I don’t have much hell to unleash, but I’ll do what I can.

Van Halen-Panama – Get your New Year’s party started early

Great Examples Of Coming Soon Pages And How To Create Yours – Some great examples here. They are probably more promising than the actual websites will be once they are launched. Still, I could use something like this. I have hundreds of ideas that are in “coming soon” state, and I’m adding more and more every day.

Songbird – Ahhh…synchs with Android. Likey.

The best series of the decade – I’m sorry. I’m not going to argue the placement of any of these series in this list. I’ll just say this and end it–if you don’t have The Wire (the best show in the history of television) anywhere in the list, you aren’t qualified to compile a list of TV shows. I hate to be mean, but that’s just the truth.

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