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Daily Reading List — April 16th

IMtx 70.3 (BETA) – If you're training for or considering a 70.3, this podcast has an unbelievable amount of good information and tips. If I could afford a coach, Coach Brett would be my guy.

A Sunny Outcome: Why Florida’s Startups Are Soaring High – The perfect place for tech startups I think. No state income tax and great weather. Plus, look at the soil around here Stuart–you can't build on it. You can't grow anything in it.

The day I aged up… what life has taught me. – I <3 runners. Swimmers are cool too.

50 Amazing jQuery Plugins That You Should Start Using Right Now – Sharepoint desperately needs the help of many of these.

A field guide to the Meeting Troll – "The meeting troll has a neverending list of reasonable objections. It's the length of the list that makes the objections unreasonable."

Hey! I know that dude!

Daily Reading List — March 20th

Triathlon Is What You Make Of It – While I was on the bike last night I was watching a documentary on Jon Fitch (UFC Fighter). He mentioned that one of the things he really likes about MMA is that there's some honesty in it–no shortcuts, no way to cheat the system. These are things we seen a lot in other parts of life. I think that applies to triathlon as well. From the first to cross the finish line to the last, just about everyone on race day personally gets out of it what they put into it.

22 Things Happy People Do Differently – Best. Hot dog. Ever.

Replace hot dog with whatever.

Why Local SEO Is Vital For Small Businesses [Infographic] – I'm finding more and more that just taking care of things locally make a huge difference. But my experience was just anecdotal until now.

json2csharp – generate c# classes from json – Saving me about a million years' worth of work.

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