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Blogging Like Mike Jones

I’m Mike Jones (who?) Mike Jones

The one and only, you cain’t clone me

Got a lotta haters and a lotta homies

Some friends, some phony

Let’s break down the example Mike Jones gives us here and how it applies to blogging. We’ll take it line by line.

I’m Mike Jones (who?) Mike Jones

Unlike other rappers, Mike Jones uses his real name and isn’t afraid to put it out there. He’s not “Mike Ice” or “MC Jones”. He’s Mike Jones. What? Didn’t get that? Not sure who he is? Just ask him…he’ll tell you…over and over. He’s Mike Jones.

Don’t be afraid to stand behind who you really are.

The one and only, you cain’t clone me

Mike Jones is himself, and there is no other Mike Jones.

If you are blogging from your unique perspective, no one else can adequately imitate your style.

Got a lotta haters and a lotta homies

Not everyone appreciates Mike Jones’s style, but that’s ok with him. A lot of other people do.

Everyone doesn’t have to love your blogging style.

Some are real, some are phony

Mike Jones is aware that all of the people who love him aren’t genuine in their love; they just want something from him. That’s ok with Mike Jones because the phonies still add to his mystique. They still buy albums and say his name…Mike Jones.

Traffic is traffic.

Now, just pretend you read this five years ago. Back then…

Mike Jones – Still Tippin’


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