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Mount Escape Reviews – BJJ Training 3.9.2017

I love review nights. Yes, it’s really cool to learn new mind-blowing techniques, but I forget most of what we go over in class, even though I write most of it down. It’s just information overload for a poor ol’ white belt from Robertson County.

Tonight we reviewed these two mount escapes.

I like review nights because they help me see the little details that I don’t pick up on the first time around. For instance, the big oopa and sit up escape works much better when your opponent is bringing his weight and posture low to you because his center of gravity will be shifted more to the top of his torso, which makes his hips a little lighter and easier to pop up.

King of the mat was next, and I actually hit a submission from the bottom in one round. Got a couple of sweeps that I don’t know what to call, and got to work on deep half guard a little bit.

Rolled with Brad, Abraham, and Ana.

Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy

But it’s necessary.

BJJ Training Log for 1.19.2017

For warmups, we did Circles, then KOTM. I could tell I was still a little rundown, but much better than yesterday. People were able to pass my guard a little easier than I felt like that should be able to–felt like I was still sort of moving in slow motion, maybe 70% speed.

Technique was mount escapes. One thing we really focused on was setting up the proper frame. I try to do this in every drill from mount, and this was a good reminder on the right way to do it.
Set up frame–side escaping to goes on bottom. I think I may be doing this one backwards.


Frame out and shrimp, grabbing their foot and holding tight to quarter guard
Switch hips to open the window
Forearm along side and underhook the leg. If they haven’t based out, just sweep.
Switching again and thrust overhead

Also worked on the classic arm trap, rotate head, foot outside, bridge and roll.

Was working with Justice during technique, and that dude is heavy. Took a lot of my energy out of me as he increased the resistance.

Rolled with Ed, and he got his fair share of time on top. No submission. Took the opportunity to work lockdown from half guard, and I want to learn some stuff I can set up off of that (sweeps and submissions).

Rolled with Jonathan, and tried to get the lockdown on him because his legs are shorter and he was able to get out of it pretty easily. Escaped an armbar, but had to tap when he latched onto the sore elbow. That thing just isn’t getting better, and it has me longing for some no gi days so that the sleeve won’t put pressure on it.

Rolled with Ed again and was able to work the mount escape from tonight’s class.

Felt like everyone maybe was a little low on energy.

No Gi Grappling 11.5.2016

A really fun day today–I felt like I had something of a breakthrough. I saw a whole bunch of stuff happening, attempted a whole bunch of stuff, and finished with a submission I’ve never attempted in a live roll.

Of course, it was with Ed. And of course, it was another ultra-long marathon of a roll. We went for about 45 minutes straight today. Again, theme of the week, I was focusing on executing sweeps, but did notice that was a little more difficult without the gi. I got a couple of scissor sweeps in and attempted a few more, but by then he’d caught on and was defending.

Spent a good deal of time in mount, moving from grapevining to high mount, and had a few of decent attempts from that position–arm bars, bicep crusher, seated triangle, multiple Ezekiel chokes. I had his back for a good spell and actually got the RNC sunk. SUNK!!! I was taking my time making sure I had it set up right when I felt his chin tuck. Need to tighten that up.

From guard I worked on two triangle and a kimura. I actually went into the kimura thinking, “If I don’t get this, I’ll at least get the kimura sweep.” When it came time for the sweep, I couldn’t remember the first step (reviewed it after the roll).

I also tried to focus on pressure. Not just pushing-my-weight pressure, but keeping the pressure on in situations when I was threatening and Ed was able to escape.  I tried to make sure I didn’t give him an opportunity to recover when he escaped–trying to control posture at all times and immediate try another sweep.

I’m not going to get any more of my favorite mount escapes on him, that’s for sure. But I did get to try out the oopa mount escape we’ve worked on. Nailed it!

Anyway, ended up getting a d’arce choke at the end. I actually had an opportunity to get one earlier, but I had the wrong arm in. The next time around I saw the situation coming and got set up for it.

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