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Newt or Mitt? So Many Missed Opportunities

There are a few things they could have done to help themselves gain votes with Floridians:

  1. Campaigning here in August instead of January. Florida in January is a no-brainer. Who really wants it?
  2. Participating in a spelling bee with only Spanish words.
  3. Having a first name that isn’t a four-letter word.
  4. Having a first name that sounds like a name instead of an inanimate object.
  5. Lobbying consulting with the National Hurricane Center to have the next devastating storm named after the other.
  6. Attending a Marlins afternoon game. That would have almost doubled attendance.
  7. Make a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives like the one below. It never gets old.

Watching the debates last night, I noticed that other candidates have started to talk about things like auditing the federal reserve and using terms like “Keynesian economics”.

Good job Ron Paul. You started those conversations four years ago and have shifted the debate in some very key areas this time around.

However, I don’t think they are going to be talking about “the fence that keeps us all in” during the 2016 campaign. I’m afraid you may be losing it us a little on that front.

Thinking my money would be better spent this time around helping Newt stir the pot.


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