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Your Gateway To The Pocket Chainsaw and More

Pocket Chainsaw – Genius! Please develop a pocket band saw and forklift as well please.

A Marathon of Measurements – I’m glad someone wants to do this. Wish there were more of these guys.

2:16 Marathoner Says He Can Break 2:00 – If he didn’t have to work. I could do it too…if I didn’t weight 200 lbs, had a coach and dietitian, and more flexibility in my hips. Oh yeah, I’d like a shoe sponsor as well. Geesh.

Custom themes in Gmail – Add photos to your gmail theme…cool!

The Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men – Counting down the days to the time when I will take the room I want for my office!

Choose, Lace, and Replace Your Running Shoes Based on How You Run – Hopefully this will make a bigger difference than the podiatrist did.

Twitter moves toward the news system of the future – Or, as it is known in many circles, Google+

Better With Age – This is comforting

Thinking of going this route – FIRST marathon training plan

Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell vivid story of gritty New York City – Awsum.

A Simple, Responsive, Mobile First Navigation

Google Semantic Search: Bad for SEO, Good for You – Make your SEO money now!

Two Big Features Google Plus Photos Still Doesn’t Have

Google added some really nice touches to Plus Photos yesterday–pretty lightboxes, and better navigation for tagging and comments.

But there are a couple of problems I still have…

Photos and Picasa are basically the same thing now, but in order to manage my albums, I have to go over to Picasa and move/copy/delete. There isn’t any album management available in Plus anywhere. Kind of weird.

I’d also love to have stuff like red eye elimination available in Plus.

I know Google is releasing new features to Plus every day, but I don’t get why they haven’t included some very basic photo management and editing functionality yet.

<3 Google+ Photo Sharing

I’ve shared plenty of photos from my phone on Google+, but in the last couple of days I’ve started uploading larger albums there. The display of photo albums within Plus is very nice (waaaaaaaay cleaner than Facebook), and if you upload through Plus instead of Picasa, your photos get auto-resized and don’t count towards your Picasa limits:

If you’ve signed up for Google+

Free storage limits

Photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards your free storage.

Automatic resizing

All photos uploaded in Google+ will be automatically resized to 2048 pixels (on their longest edge) and won’t count towards your free storage quota.

Well, sorta. You can only have 10,000 albums and you can only have 1,000 photos within an album. Maybe not enough for pros, but plenty for people who just want to share with the fam.

So all you have to do to back up all of your photos is upload them through Plus set to private. Then go over to Picasa, create new albums and move/copy photos into them to share.

My one complaint is that the beautiful photo album layouts we see on the Plus website haven’t made it to the Android applications yet. It would be nice to get the same broad overview when browsing photos on a tablet.

Picasa Server In The Works? Please?

Now that Google has purchased Picnik, presumably to try to better contest Flickr in the online photo sharing market, I’m hoping they take a huge step to offer something Flickr can’t come close to. They already offer amazing photo organization at home (Flickr doesn’t), but it’s not quite where it needs to be yet…

I absolutely love Picasa for the desktop. If you haven’t checked out its ability to do things like facial recognition, geotagging, nametags, etc you are in for a pleasant surprise. The one hangup for me is that there still isn’t a Picasa server I can run at home. We keep all of our photos on a NAS drive, which means that we have to install Picasa on every computer in the house in order to catalog them on each machine. And if I run facial recognition on one machine, those results don’t show up on another. What I’d really like to do is serve up the Picasa database  (not just the photos themselves) to any client machine on my network. With all the work Google is doing to empower the cloud, I’m hoping the next step for them is to help empower my local cloud (fog?).

I did find this solution, which looks like a pretty decent workaround, but I want the real thing. Maybe even add some accounts that let different users on my network comment and rate photos? Some accounts can edit, some can only view? Basically, I want to be able to do anything I can do on the web on a local server. Still, not complaining about this amazing (and free) software.

Stuff You Should See — 23:14

Man Gives His Tattoo Breast Implants – Wha?! I guess the economy isn’t bad for everybody, huh?

Hacked STOP Signs – The best one is “Collaborate and Listen”.

Instapundit on Saving and Budgeting – I have to throw in a “yeah but…” here. I always did things pretty much the way he describes, but since my money has become OUR money, we’ve been more diligent about the budget, and it seems to work well for us. It’s even happened that we’ve been able to save more than planned on occasion.

Jersey Shore Nickname Generator – Nice to meet you. I am S-Train, and I’ll be your tanning host for the evening

Send text messages to mobile phones from the web – I was having some problems receiving texts on my mobile phone. I used this site built by my buddy Michael Wender to test things out while I was trying to resolve it. Very handy!!!

Delicious Link Dump– October 20th through October 23rd

VS 2010 Code Intellisense Improvements – This is really good for me. I’m still not familiar enough with the C# namespace, and I’m not in it enough every day that that will be improving any time soon.

Notes from the Road – Really nice travel/photo site. I could spend lots of time here.

UK’s streets of no shame – When I was in Cardiff, it was only the men who were acting like this. How times have changed.

Bing Twitter – Test drive Bing’s real time search of Twitter here. It’s about to get interesting.

We’re Not The Men We Used To Be – The average man was faster than Usain Bolt 20,000 years ago? Man, I miss out on all the good stuff.

35 Year Ban Proposed For Offshore Bottom Fishing – This doesn’t sound good. I thought we only had 50 days to do something about climate change. Now we’re thinking about 35 year bans?

iDrinkCoaster – “I’ve seen koalas drink faster than you”. Technology is a beautiful thing.

Delicious Link Dump– October 9th through October 12th

I Married a Mad Man – This sounds more like Mad Men: The Movie

The End of the Email Era – Someone faxed this to me. I made photocopies and sent it to several friends via USPS: "Email, stuck in the era of attachments, seems boring compared to services like Google Wave…"

Hot Pink Mess – Oh. My.

Rob Golding » phpBB3 WSOD (White Screen of Death) – Thanks to these guys for the solution. Short answer…log in to the admin panel and clear the cache. This is something they need to fix. Oh…maybe I should check for an update while I'm at it. 😀

10 things you need to stop tweeting about – I don't violate many of these too often. There are so many other ways to get people on Twitter mad at you without even trying.

The Nobel Intentions Prize – I'm so glad BHO won the Nobel Peace Prize. It's brought out the comedic genius in lots of people on Twitter.

Levels of business intelligence – Nice article that 'splains a lot.

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize – "…some sort of bizarre Onion gag?" Now that's funny.

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