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Random Link Dump of Recent Readings

It’s been a while since I posted a random sample of the stuff I’ve been reading. If you only read one of these articles, read the very first one.

Everyone a Harlot

In healthy patriarchies, men push themselves to earn the respect and admiration of other men. They work to prove their strength, courage and competence to each other. Men pride themselves on their reputation for mastery of their bodies, their actions, and their environment. They want to be known for what they can do, not just how well or who they can screw.

‘Marathon blues’ can affect Olympians and recreational athletes alike – Someone once told me there was a high rate of alcoholism for former top-level runners and former astronauts for this very reason. I haven’t seen numbers on that though.

This Handmade ‘Game of Thrones’ Board Game Is Gorgeous – The young’uns are loving strategy games these days. Can I justify this?

Cycle Workouts To Improve Your Cadence – Perfect for cross training workouts while marathon training, and a good investment.

Lost Photos – discovering lost photos in your email account – One of these days…

How To Make Caricatures Using GIMP – I hope to get around to doing this at some point.

The Benefits Of A Negative Bike Split – Wait…tell me one more time. It may actually sink in this time around.

Importing SharePoint 2007 list templates (STP) into SharePoint 2010 – Kick Aise. Quick and easy!

How the Lunar X Prize Is a Preview of the New Space Age – Popular Mechanics

How to Develop Film Using Coffee and Vitamin C! Srsly! | Photojojo – Is there anything coffee can’t do?


An Act of Great Cunning – Whoa!

Senate rules do not allow a filibuster when the bill under consideration has to do with imposing or repealing a tax. If the Republicans take the Senate and the Presidency, they can now repeal the individual mandate. They will not need sixty votes.

Stuff You Should See– March 8th through April 2nd

Can Science Explain the Concept of Heaven? – I was really just looking for a yes or no.

Only a Few Can Multi-Task – Bits Blog – I got sidetracked when I saw this post. I only read about half of it when something shiny popped up on my other screen.

40+ Awesome Grunge Style Photoshop Brush Packs – Hope to one day find my artistic side.

Knoxville over Huntsville 28-19 | Knoxville Rugby Football Club – Eye of the Possum! Eye of the Possum! Eye of the Possum! Go Possum!!!

Twitpic – Share photos on Twitter – Thanks @svandyke for the RedBud mug! I was going to drink this afternoon's coffee from my hands, but now…

Colombian Chicken Stew: Sancocho Recipe : Sara Moulton : Food Network – Lunch is leftover sancocho. Wish I could eat this for every meal.

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