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They Should Be In Charge of EVERYTHING


The American Postal Workers Union has extended its internal election after thousands of ballots appeared to have gotten lost . . . in the mail.

I can hear it now:

“We’ve reviewed your X-Rays and have concluded that they never arrived in the mail. Please go back to the end of the 6 month waiting list for more X-Rays.”

“But why couldn’t they just email the X-Rays? Why can’t you just pull them out of a database?”

“I’m sorry. Regulations say that all medical documents must be sent through the mail. We can’t endanger the jobs of postal workers.”

HT Doug Mataconis

Post Office Competition. Well?

The Missus and I were talking about the comments President Obama made the other day about Fedex/UPS/USPS and competition. Lots of people are laughing about it, but here’s someone breaking it down to levels beyond scientific.

It’s fascinating how it all comes down to the post office, again and again, in the history of public policy. And so it is in our time, with Obama’s admission/gaffe/slip concerning the post office and its analogy to what he wants to do with healthcare.

A long read, but worth it.

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