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Another Yummy Link Dump — 15:59

XKCD Strikes Again – While you’re at it, can I get a drink holder attached to the end of each arm?

Rich People Fleeing High Tax States – What? Unbelievable! The gov’ment should do something about this! ๐Ÿ˜›

Rowland Burris Blames Bush For Olympic FAIL – And I thought it was just because the IOC member are all racists.

Dell uses social media to gather employee ideas – This is going to be happening more and more as management becomes comfortable with the tools.

What Google Wave Can Do – I will be checking all of this out as soon as the people I invited get their invites. Right now, there’s no one for me to collaborate with.

10 Things Every Kumbaya Blogger Should Know | Copyblogger – When you solve actual problems, even if you (yikes) make a buck on it, youโ€™re doing good work.

The Cocoa Beach Air Show | Metromix Brevard – If you aren’t able to get tickets to the Brevard/Miami rugby match this weekend, here’s another option.

Knoxville Rugby at Heart of Dixie Tournament – Look for Okie and Colonel Kurtz to make return appearances. We cannot guaranteed gravel slinging pickup trucks or soiled sofas.
Indian farmer’s daughter is most bad-ass woman in the world – Boing Boing – In a phenomenally bad-ass series of moves worthy of a Tarantino screenplay, 21-year-old Rukhsana Kausar attacked him with an axe, then shot him dead with his own gun.
Kids leave mother passed out drunk in minivan FLORIDA TODAY – So sad.

Well Lefty Blogosphere?

Here’s your chance to show you aren’t hypocritical. Blue Collar Muse has posted the contents of an email that he says was sent while the whole brouhaha from yesterday was occurring–this time from a Tennessee Democrat staffer.

Are we going to see some outrage here?

Some have stepped up already, others are saying in the comments that they will wait until a name is released. I definitely won’t hold my breath waiting for some national attention.

My position remains the same…how stupid do you have to be? Really?

I thought we’d moved past blatant stupidity in this country, especially after yesterday.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

If you were to follow the line of logic set up by those who let their party affiliation dictate what they are outraged about and what the aren’t, the only logical conclusion would be that all Democrats and Republicans are stupid and/or racist.

Stupidity – Yet Another Reason For Smaller Government

It’s bad enough that a staffer for an elected official is racist enough to distribute something like this by e-mail.

It’s even worse that they are so stupid as to think it wouldn’t surface with their name attached to it.

Now for another round of apologies and resignation. Michael Silence has more.

Update From Christian Grantham:

I spoke with Sherri Goforth minutes ago to confirm she sent this email. She confirmed she had sent it and also said she had received a letter of reprimand from her superiors and said she will stay on the job.

When I asked her if she understood the controversial nature of the photo, Goforth would only say she felt very bad about accidentally sending it to the wrong list.


“Sorry Officer…I intended to rob a different bank. My bad. Am I free to go?”

Guess that resignation thing is out the door.

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