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Daily Reading List — November 17th

Touch Surgery Surgical Simulator

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class – It's important to me that our kids understand that we're multi-generational working class, and that we don't lose sight of that.

That's one reason I drink "Old Man Coffee". "Old Man Coffee" is made in a regular old coffee pot (or press) from a can that is bought in bulk. It doesn't come from a Starbucks or a single serving made-especially-for-me-by-a-machine cup.

"Old Man Coffee" was good enough for my old man. It was good enough for his old man too.

It's good enough for me.

Google Play Music starts using your location & activity to recommend tunes – Needed. Why should I have to search for my "Sunday Morning Coffee" playlist every Sunday morning while I'm making coffee?

Why should I have to search for my "Old Man Rolling" playlist when they know I'm at the gym during jiu jitsu class.

Can't wait!

The Great Fall of Chyna

Microsoft Flow Is Out of Beta, Ready to Challenge IFTTT’s Automation – Microsoft does its products well. But they always seem to be late. Now I need a reason to switch from IFTTT, and charging me $5/month for something I'm already getting somewhere else for free isn't a good reason to switch.

BTW, this post was bookmarked in Pinboard by me. IFTTT automatically tweeted it with a link to the article on my behalf (without all this commentary), and it also made an appended a draft version of a blog post that continues to grow until x number of entries have been made, then automatically publishes out to my blog, which is where you're probably reading this.

This didn't take very long to set up, but why would I want to bother doing it again?

How To Clean Burnt Stains off Enameled Cookware – Works so great, I wish I'd taken before and after photos. Next time.

Who Wins in the Gig Economy, and Who Loses – "There’s no way to avoid the truth that fundamental changes in the ways we work are here to stay and are creating a new set of winners and losers. But the proliferation of new opportunities in the gig economy to choose how, how much, where, and when to work is one big win for all."

Was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast the other day, and he noted that the whole corporate structured way to work is a pretty new phenomenon. If you look at it over the course of history, it's just a blip. An anomaly.

Says the guy with a full-time job.

The Elimination Of Reason – Vote today with the 2020 election in mind. #MakeAmericaAgain

Daily Reading List — October 24th

Entity Framework and Setting Primary Keys on Views – Trickery!

The Rise and Fall of the Army Surplus Store – There was a day when a man could get a good pair of boots and a durable pea coat at a good price at the surplus store.

Resistance Band Training for Jiu Jitsu – That Paloff Press exercise is a dang good 'un.

Build A System To Play Your Rasslin’ Entrance Music When You Walk Into A Room – Oh.

Handy tool to scare the crap out of you when a hurricane is on its way. #matthew

Microsoft is killing Yammer Enterprise plan in January 2017, will start integrating Office 365 Groups first

If Google buys Twitter, there’s a perfect spot for it in YouTube – I called this for Q2 I believe. Can it happen before the end of Q4?

PODCAST: What the Generational Cycle Theory Can Tell Us About Our Present Age – Added Neil's book to my WishList

Daily Reading List — January 14th

Mobile app playbook: Lessons learned | Twitter Blogs

Ex-Vols star Shazzon Bradley knows secrets of security – No way Shazzon Bradley remembers me, but I worked out with him a little at Golden Gloves in the 90s. When I say "worked out", I basically mean that I let him go in front of me at the water fountain.

He is one of the most polite, genuine, and nicest people I've ever met. This article is a few years old, but I'm so happy to see that he is doing well and living an exemplary life. He deserves it!

For Rugby Post-Match Social Stumbling: Mouthguard Detects Severity Blows To The Head – Could have used one of these when I was playing rugby more regularly. I'm not sure how much benefit it would have provided for the matches themselves, but would have definitely been handy stumbling around at post-game socials.

Only 8% of Leaders Are Good at Both Strategy and Execution

How to Send Your Computer’s Audio to a Chromecast – *Not available for Chrome OS

6 Fictional Lands We Should Bomb Once We’re Done With Agrabah – I would add wherever the Princess Bride is supposed to be and the entire WWE Universe.

7 Steps to Make Your Business Introvert Friendly |

Handy Home Improvement Cost Estimates

Vegas Man. Poop. Thieves.

If You Like Student Loan Debt (and maps) You’ll Love This

Vitamins Vodka And Caffeinated Peanut Butter – I can't tell which of these two I'm more excited about.

Vegas Headline Generator: Man…Extortion…Videotaped…Stripper…Sex…Guilty – The headline for this story happens to have all of them.

How to Fart in Public and Get Away with It – These are rookie tactics at best. I have the real goods, and there's no way I'm going to divulge my best tips to the whole world. I'll give up one though–if there's a pet hamster around, it's pretty easy to pass the blame on to them.


52 Of The World’s Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions, Debunked – Still no debunking of the "more-calories-to-digest-Cap'n-Crunch" theory. So it stands on its own, not yet disproven.

Up Goer Five – Hat tip to Seth Godin for pointing this out, even though it showed up in my feed reader.

Daily Reading List — September 5th

8 of the Best Hikes Close to the Valley – Going to make a big dent in this list soon

How to Make Your Own Bitters for a Signature Stamp on Every Cocktail – Easier than home brewing. And gluten free!

The Most Violent Man in Wrestling Lays Down His Staple Gun « – New Jack. One scary dude.

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Exercising – The biggest reason I clicked on this article was because I expected to see a picture of me on such a popular site.

Very disappointing.

How to Make Flavored Spirits That Are Way Tastier Than Store-Bought – Some good tips here. None of my previous attempts have been widely successful, but I haven't had anything come out undrinkable either.


3 Families Every Young Man Needs – Worth your while to read the whole thing.

The Next Wave Of Enterprise Software Powered By Machine Learning – Some pie in the sky here, but I hope it pans out. There are several industries I can think of off the top of my head that are ripe for disruption *coughcough*

It’s Your Fault Email Is Broken – Limiting participation seems to work pretty well. Soon people start realizing that's just not the best way to communicate with you. That, or stuff gets solved without you intervening.

Either way…

Daily Reading List — June 12th

Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine? – “A computah too yo’ place Daddy!”
– The American Dream Dusty Rhodes

Chick-fil-A is coming to Nevada – There goes the neighborhood.

The article doesn’t specify how many video poker machines they plan on placing in the children’s play area.

What’s the over/under on how different beers will they have on tap?

Video: Brawl breaks out at Palo Verde graduation – The 702 at its finest. Total shoot fight–not a single Stone Cold Stunner.

The American Dream Has Died – Hard Times

When is the best time to visit US and Canada’s National Parks? – I’m batting 1.000 on these so far.

Labs And Incubators Fuel Enterprise Innovation

What Will It Take to Run A 2-Hour Marathon? – 6 packets of GU and some shorts that don’t chafe too badly. I can’t guarantee I could do it even given those things, but I’d have a much better shot.

Happy Vegas Season! – Bring Gifts Please (cash) – These are actually pretty funny ads. Although I think they should include a surgeon general’s warning about the dangers of being a pedestrian here.

It’s also a tough place for people who like to go to bed before 10:00 pm.

Daily Reading List — September 12th

Top 10 Pro Wrestlers’ Quotes in History – As the years go by, this one moves up on my list, "Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it's still got the longest line. Woooo!"

Paleo Pumpkin Bars Recipe – I may substitute cacao nibs for the chocolate chips.

Adrenaline-Pumping Photos From Some of the World’s Biggest Thrill-Seekers – Sick. HT @zentriathlon

Five ways to avoid the personal online ghetto – …and his mama cried. HT @jfloyd.

Daily Reading List — June 24th

Memphis Legend Jackie Fargo Dead at 85 – Sad news Pally. #memphis #rasslin

Why Do I Think Better after I Exercise? – I thought it was because it's actually quiet *while* I'm exercising.

The 10 Fittest Cities In America – Would like to see a similar article on the 10 "fightest" cities in America. Real fighting…not gun fighting. Sorry Chicago.

Men Over 40 Should Think Twice Before Running Triathlons – I usually think about triathlon at least twice while making coffee in the morning. I didn't know I could consider that part of my morning training routine, but it's nice to have one more item to check off the list.

Most Accurate Drug Test Out There

Not piling on Lance Armstrong. The guy’s amazing…no matter what. And it’s important to note that he hasn’t admitted to anything.

But let’s get real. Here’s all the testing we really need.

[poll id=”12″]

If “Yes”, we can say with reasonably strong certainty you’ve done something the USADA wouldn’t like at some point.

If “No”, well…nobody seems to care, unless you are a professional rassler.

Great American Royal Weddings

I’m so excited about this upcoming royal wedding. Really…seriously. I am. It just got me thinking about the great weddings in history of American Royalty.

Jesse Ventura’s commentary in the first video is classic:

  • “Do the rings go on fingers or in noses?”
  • “Looks like two carp in the Mississippi River going after the same piece of corn”

Uncle Elmer’s Wedding by TSteck160

And of course, who could forget this sequence that changed history and ushered in the McMahon/Helmsley era.

Wedding of Test & Stephanie McMahon by marshal99

If you didn’t get teary-eyed watching those two videos, I got two words for ya…

The Ugly, The Worst, and The Best

The worst thing about living in Florida is that leaving the house to go to the grocery store means you have a good chance of running into a dude who looks like a retired professional rassler.

The best thing about living in Florida is that leaving the house to go to the grocery store means you have a good chance of running into a dude who really is a retired professional rassler.

Hell In A Cell – A Mick Foley Parenting Tip

Mick Foley penned a great guest post for GeekDad on “The Talk”:

Have a talk with your kids. Tell them about some of the unfortunate realities of life, and assure them that you’ll be there for them in good times and in bad, in sickness in health. Let them know that a parent’s love is indeed unconditional and that they can turn to you in any situation. Just don’t let them know that you’re taking parental advice from a pro-wrestler

While my M.O. up until now has been based on the question “WWDLRD?”, I think it may be time to reconsider and change strategies to “WWMFD?”. DLR isn’t quite as literate as Foley.

Have A Nice Day!

Moving America Forward, One Rasslin’ Promo At A Time

Was this filmed when Barack Obama was a community organizer? The abundance of gray hair makes me think it’s pretty recent, but the quality of the video makes me think it was shot in the hallway of a 3,000 seat arena somewhere in flyover country to promote the “big event, right out there at the fairgrounds on November 2…we couldn’t have it on October 26th ’cause the flea market is that week.”

Watch and learn. THIS is how you correctly do a rasslin’ promo:

I Finally Care About LeBron James

I’ve been vaguely aware of all of the hype and discussion going on over the past couple of weeks. The outrage has been hard to ignore, even without having cable TV. But learning that Lebron has joined Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as one of the founding members of the NWO…well, I may have to find a way to watch Dubya See Dubya again on Monday nights for Nitro!

When you’re NWO brother, you’re NWO 4-Life!

Finally, rasslin’ is going to be good again.

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