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Fill In The Rhyme – Lesson Idea #17

1. Say these sentences, stressing the words that rhyme:

  • The cat wore a hat.
  • The ball rolled down the hall.
  • Your shoe is blue.

2. Now tell your child that they’ll have to finish your sentence with a word that rhymes. You can get as silly as you want just as long as the words rhyme. You’ll be amazed at some of the responses you get!
3. Sample sentences:

  • The hog chased the ________. (frog, dog)
  • Let’s look at a _________. (book)
  • The pig wore a _________. (wig)

Pick Two – Lesson Idea #7

  1. Have a collection of pictures ready – including many that rhyme.
  2. Choose three pictures to show two your child and make sure that two of them rhyme. For example have a picture of a tree, a box, and a bee.
  3. Name each picture together and ask your child to pick the two pictures that rhyme.
  4. Start over and repeat as many times as is fun!
  • You can make this harder by adding more pictures and having them pick 3, 4, an so on. Or you can have them choose the pictures and make you pick two that rhyme!

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