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Daily Reading List — June 5th

Android vs. The iPhone: It’s All About The Cloud – Um…yeah. I'm a little shocked to read this epiphany from a tech writer who didn't realize this difference years ago. Am I taking it for granted that people understand the difference between Apple and Google's focus?

4 Habits Of The Most Resilient People – There's actually a 5th habit: Habitually post motivational posters/quotes to social media.

Sharks & Minnows – Punching and kicking on purpose isn't acceptable on the swim–too dangerous for everyone involved. On the other hand, as the guy who once grabbed my ankle and used me to pull himself forward found out the hard way, I ain't no punk either.

The 9 Biggest Reasons to Embrace Solo Running – I'm mostly a solo runner. The only downside to running solo for me is that I'm the only person I get to spend the time with. I don't like myself as much as I do my running partners 100% of the time.

As IT’s industrial age ends, the humanist era begins – Power to the people!

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg gave New Jersey schools $100 million? OOPS!!! – Fortunately for Zuckerberg, all most people are going to remember is that he wrote the check. #ForTheChildren

Roku Remote Stopped Working – Easy Solution – I love the internet on most days. Today is one of those days.

A Bachelor’s Level Computer Science Program Curriculum – If you want to learn it, here you go. Good for review too. And there are countless other resources available as well!!!

Chicago halts Uber try at airport pickups – Translation: taxi companies and airport upset that people don't like price fixing.

Triathlon, Do You Live And Die By It? – Anyone who ever accused me of this isn't aware of my results. Still, I could benefit from a healthy dose of it right about now.

What Ancient Cave Paintings And Teen Spirit Teach Us About Where Social Media Is Going – Of course, everything is alternative. Until it isn't.

Some Random Training Notes

I went to a running form clinic last night put on by Running Zone and New Balance, and I was both encouraged and surprised. Encouraged because I came away with one thing I can do to help my running immediately–increase cadence. Surprised because I found out my foot strike is actually pretty good. I’m guessing my supination is the culprit for my heel wear?  I mean, my strike definitely is not perfectly mid-foot (working on it), but it’s not too bad.

Cadence is the big thing I can change.

Purchased this month: Loving the Ninja BL660 Blender we bought this month. The best feature is the single serving cup…you can blend right into the cup you’re going to drink out of. Smoothie consumption is at an all-time high in our house, and I’m getting a much bigger daily dose of green veggies because of it. Oh yeah…much cheaper than the Vitamix too!

Planned purchase for next month: Roku 3. We already own a first generation Roku that’s still going strong. So why upgrade now? One really cool feature–the remote has a headphone jack. I’ve been using the tablet to watch movies while I’m on the spin bike because I ride at night a lot while everyone else is asleep. I can’t really use the TV because I’d have to turn it up so loud to overcome the noise of the bike. Roku 3 will let me watch the TV while I train, keep things quiet for everyone else, and not have to worry about keeping the tablet charged or plugged in.

Racing in the heat suggestions. Thanks to Coach Brett and the ZenTri podcast for these tips:

  1. Try to train in the hottest weather you can. Avoid cold conditions. CHECK
  2. Lose as much weight as you can to minimize your insulation. CHECK
  3. Baseball-style cap instead of visor for the run. You can put ice in the hat–can’t do that with a visor. Learned this one last year.
  4. Arm Coolers–put ice sponges from the aid stations into the tops. Need to get arm coolers Picked up some of these…wow, they work GREAT!
  5. If you’re coming from a cooler climate, assume you are going to need a lot more water than you’re used to. Not a problem for me.


Big Bird and Amazon

Amazon has released even more movies and TV shows for Prime subscribers today, including the last 7 seasons of Sesame Street. Cool!

We ditched cable about a year and a half ago and are exclusively streaming stuff from Netflix, Amazon, and Pandora through our Roku box. No regrets, and we haven’t looked back. There’s a ton of good children’s programming available that way, and the adults in the house only watch TV on purpose these days–no more turning it on and flipping through channels to find something to watch.

$11 a month for Netflix plus $79 a year for Amazon Prime gives us way more TV than we could ever watch.

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