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Knee On Belly Escapes

Circle run, partner drills with Dan instead of Norm. We did 10 armbars, 10 kimuras, 10 kimura sweeps each. I really like taking the time to get reps on these techniques, and did 5 of each on each side. Doing them in volume makes me feel like I’m not wasting reps on my off side.

Technique of the day was two escapes from knee on belly. We’ve been working knee on belly offensively for a few weeks, and it’s cool to start looking at the flip side.
1) Don’t push off the knee!

  • Grab belt and anchor forearm against thigh, pant leg with other hand. Make sure elbows are tight on both arms
  • Rotate hips and use leg to stiff arm away with the belt arm
  • Scisoor legs down to belly–keeping the hand on belt the whole
  • Switch hand from pants to other ankle
  • Up to one knee, step around and push, pull ankle
  • Land in reverse KoB and rotate around. That’s still a little awkward for me, especially on my off side.

2) Reach over like kimura to grab arm

  • Hand on side of body to cup their leg and roll them.
  • This gives you some options once the sweep is complete. Scissor choke seemed to be there for me most of the time.

Rolls from bad positions
Jonathan had me in side control, then Dan, then Ana

Next up was a regular roll with Norm. I tried the second kneed on belly escape described above and didn’t get it, which gave him an opportunity to try for a head and arm choke. Later in the roll he tried to cartwheel over my guard and got hurt. Hope he’s ok.

Had a good roll with Rudy, and I think the only thing that saved me was that he thought the end of round bell was the 30 seconds remaining bell. 😛

Two rounds with Jonathan. Tried Norm’s head and arm trick, but he caught me in half guard. I need to work on the transition from mount to side control. I feel like I have more control and more weapons in side control anyway. I’d like to continue to work on finishing from mount and improve there, but in a pinch I’d also like to be able to get to my preferred spot.

Scissor Choke Setup From Side Control

Two visiting purple belts–Ohio John (about my size) and Tampa Rachel (Ana’s height, and built a little sturdier). We went through the warmup pretty quickly with some running, minimal up-and-down drills, some solo drills (sit throughs and knee-ups), followed by guard retention and KoB rotations with partners.

For technique, we built off of the KoB work we did a couple of weeks ago, adding a scissor choke to the end. To execute, we get to the point of setting up the legs for the omoplata. Instead of the omoplata, we grip for the kimura. If the opponent posts out his far arm, we reach out with our leg and hook it, then rotate and get other leg across his belt, applying pressure for the kimura again. Their natural defense will be to roll out of the kimura, allowing us to cross our feet and extend for the scissor choke.

Rolled with John, Norm, Dr. Dan, and Ed

Was pretty happy with my roll with John. He was on the attack for the entire roll, but I was able to defend through the whole thing. Not so lucky with Norm on the next roll, but I think I’m getting a little better. Or he was hurt. Started with Dr. Dan in my guard and got a scissor sweep to get on top. My knee was caught and I spent a lot of time fighting to get that to the mat for full mount. Got set up for an Ezekiel, but couldn’t finish–Ana explained to me later that I wasn’t lifting my elbows. He swept again–back to my guard and was looking for a cross choke and an arm bar as time ran out.

A round with Ed where I focused on half guard and half guard sweeps. Getting a little more comfortable with it. Tried it again on another roll with him, but had a tough time escaping. He ended up finishing me with an arm bar. Ouch.

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