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Daily Reading List — May 3rd

Why Don’t People Return Their Shopping Carts? – It’s actually just poor planning coupled with laziness. Don’t give me this “kid in the car” excuse either. Lazy people and poor planners circle the parking lot looking for the spot closest to the door.

Smart people (me) try to get a spot right next to a cart return. That way, even if you have to deal with kids, you can return your cart easily. You also don’t have to deal with stray carts in the parking lot around these areas ramming into your high dollar minivan.

Think people!!!

An Accidental Discovery Could Solve Earth’s Plastic Waste Problem – Next we will have to find something that can break down all those annoying re-usable bags people have been toting to the store with them for the past few years. ‘Cause those are all going to get trashed.

The Worst Places To Get Stung By A Bee: Nostril, Lip, Penis – If you happen to only have 2 of the 3 you are living a charmed life. Where’s the social justice?

How Running a Marathon Puts Your Body Through Hell – Word.

The Baby Boom Tsunami That May Drown The Economy – I’ve wondered for a while how these folks are going to pull money out of the markets while we’re all building them up. Sounds like another social security type thingy, huh?

Would America be better off if we became Norway? – We’d be happier if we were Vikings, but with central heating systems and North Face clothing.

The Origins of Overprotective Parenting – We make an effort (sometimes at the horror of The Mrs.) to keep our kids as free range as possible. And we still probably don’t do enough.

Here’s How This Shoe Will Decompose Like Food In Your Trash – I’m not sure if they were biodegradable or not, but I’ve had a few pairs of Adidas decompose on me.

Fix For Stinky Running Shoes

I stink. Seriously, I’m really stinky.

And I sweat a lot. Any run over 8 miles usually results in my feet making squishing sounds with each step. So once I’m deep into a training program, my shoes are in a perpetual cycle:

  • Soaked with my stinky sweat
  • Set out to dry for a couple of days while I fill a second pair of shoes with my stinky sweat during the next workout
  • Rinse and repeat

I usually don’t actually rinse them though. So they build up a dried out, soaked in stinky smell. I try sprinkling them with Gold Bond and baking soda every now and then if I remember, but they usually just end up stinking to high heaven.

The other day I Googled this problem and found a great solution–cat litter.

I filled some old rugby socks with cat litter and stuffed them down into my shoes and left them overnight. This removed about 90% of the smell in the shoes.

I’m very proud to share this little trick with you, and when I find out how to get the cat litter smell out of my shoes I will be sure to post the solution.


More on Running Barefoot

I’ve read a lot of stuff about the benefits of barefoot running. I went for my first barefoot run of any real distance (3m) yesterday on the beach. It was definitely more work on the calves, but I’m not sure if that was from being barefoot or from the sand, which I’m not used to running in. One thing that’s really nice about beach running (at least here) are the multiple parks spaced out that allow you to stop for water and a cool shower.

I’m still debating the Nike Free and also the Vibram FiveFingers. I’m going to give it a few more chances completely bare, but the sand is rough on the toes.

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