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Shoulder Choke From Side Control – BJJ Training Log 9.29.2016

Intensity is already starting to pick up getting ready for competition. Warmup had an increased volume of pushups, and pace was higher for partner drills–KoB rotation, guard retention, sit ups with partner pushing,  Helps having a pushy partner too.

First technique was the #2 Side Control to Mount we learned in the morning class about a month ago. I did not remember this at all until he went over it. I know I’ve never attempted it in a live roll, so it was really good to go over it again. I think it’s something that can be effective for me, especially when opponent is putting his leg up to guard against the mount–practically giving you the hardest part.

The next technique was a choke from side control that, even if you don’t get the choke, is one of the most uncomfortable positions I’ve experienced so far. It doesn’t require any fancy footwork or stretchy hips, so I think this may end up being a go-to for me.

  • Use far hard to pull up opponent’s far shoulder (assuming you have the cross-face)
  • Wiper the cross face hand to directly underneath opponent’s spine and settle them onto their back
  • Lower upper body and drive shoulder into the neck
  • Active toes and sprawl to head-side hip

While drilling it, Coach Frank came around and asked if Norm could possibly escape from there. I thought he could because of my balance. I adjusted and when he tried to bridge I could maintain. Coach Frank said, “Now…if he DOES try that, go ahead and mount. His feet are going to be flat on the ground and he won’t be able to defend.”

Played KOTM for guard passes and one guy stayed out the whole time. Impressive.

Live rolling was for three minute rounds. Could definitely feel the intensity pick up here. I had two goes with Norm, and he tapped me three times in each of them. Maybe he was getting close to going 100%?

Was on top with Ed for most of the time of both sessions. Couldn’t quite finish the rear naked choke or the triangle. But…

From side control I tried the shoulder choke described above. He bridged. I mounted. Nice!

Side Control Options – BJJ Training Log August 24, 2016

Made it to the morning class today–got started a little late, but it was just Louis and me. After stretching we went straight to technique and got to work on three different things. This was cool, because Tuesday night training was a total beat down, and we were still feeling it 12 hours later.

Side Control to Mount #1

  • Body side elbow tight to the hip with hand in armpit for hip control
  • Roll hip to reverse kesa gatame
  • Drive off of foot and scoot hip to fold opponent’s knees over
  • Hand to legs and knee on quad
  • Slice knee to mat and flop foot to avoid quarter guard
  • Slide foot under opponent’s leg

Side Control to Mount #2

  • C cup, pull close thigh up and punch it forward, stacking legs.
  • Step into the hole between legs
  • Remove hand, and he’ll naturally turn in, allowing to slice the knee and flop foot

Gi Choke from Side Control

  • Remove lapel from belt on the hip side and take out the slack
  • Feed to cross face arm using hand or mouth
  • Hand back to hip and move legs towards head
  • Head to hip hand

BJJ Training Log – OPEN MAT – July 30, 2016

Lots of stretching and warming up for the first hour. I needed it. Did a squat/pushup/situp pyramid and a 15 minute yoga routine, then held the pads for the kids to strike and rolled around with them some.

Was getting ready to suggest going to the beach, but then Visiting Ben showed up (PB) and we rolled some. Maybe my most valuable session of rolling so far. We went a few rounds, then he walked me through where some of my holes are (defending armbar) and drilled with me on a side control arm bar I can use. More than anything, he gave me a bunch of wisdom and advice.

First thing–“Go home and write down what you learn.  You can even throw it away after, but go home and mentally review every session. Write down every step to a new technique you learn.”

So here are my mental steps for the arm bar we worked:

  • Feed shoulder
  • Trap arm with head-side leg
  • Wiper-blade arm trap to the other leg
  • Far side arm by the tricep and heavy with the elbow
  • Head-side arm to the ground to prevent head movement
  • Replace head-side arm with head-side foot
  • Trap leg down (controlling head) and squeeze the arm with thighs
  • Body side knee to the air or over-body. Tight thighs.
  • Not always necessary to go all the way to floor for arm-bar. Hips high first, THEN shoulders to the floor.

Arm bar escape–I was recognizing and defending, but the defense was pretty easy to break. To escape, defend and roll with the goal of getting the elbow to the ground.

Full mount advice–got the high knees into the armpits, but post the non-head control hand and you can’t be moved. Be heavy, rest, breathe, wait for a mistake.

I let him know that I feel bad about doing that from side control or mount in class because I feel like it’s taking away my partner’s chance to improve. He said if I’m getting a guy there all the time, we need to work from there. You end up in the position you deserve to be in. The other guy needs to learn how to get out, and I need to learn how to be heavier and hold it better.

Moving (especially when you are big, slow, and inexperienced) creates space. You don’t want space. any movement from a good position should be to improve that position, tightening it up. Wait for the desperate mistake.

Half-guard underhook–serve high pizza. From the top, whizzer that.

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