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Space Shuttle STS-132 Video (Kinda)

We were lucky enough to get to watch the launch on Friday from the causeway, and I’ve already been asked by one loyal reader if there was any launch video. Sadly, I don’t have any from this launch. However, I do have the following video provided by the sister-in-law. Enjoy.

Discovery STS-131 Launch Video

We were very lucky Discovery launched this morning, considering there were a couple of no-go periods leading up to liftoff due to some communications issues. In order to make the 6:21 am launch we had to wake up at 2:45 so we could make it through the gates at KSC by 4:30. It would not have been fun to have rolled 8 adults and 2 kids under three out of bed that early for the launch to have been scrubbed. The weather was absolutely perfect–clear skies and just a slight breeze. It also made the waiting a little easier to see the Space Station fly over at 6:04.

The video isn’t as good as NASA will post later, but enjoy!

Special thanks to the SIL for securing an employee’s car pass and to the Brevard Rugby Club for lending us a 15 passenger van so that my parents and the in-laws could all get in to see the launch!

Update — Hi-res photo of Discovery clearing the tower.

Update II — Video that’s only slightly better than our home video at Space Gizmo. 🙂

Shuttle and Rocket Launch Schedule

Driving down last Saturday, I missed the Shuttle launch by a few hours. I was in Macon Ga and could see a small flame going across the sky, but apparently it’s like the sun is coming up when you watch it here.

The SIL had to go to CA this morning in case Thursday’s landing is there, but before she left she pointed me towards this schedule for future launches. No night Shuttle launches on schedule in the near future, but there are some rocket launches coming up!

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