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“Occupy”. And Then What?

Ok, so I have some questions about the whole “Occupy” movement. Not trying to be a jerk here, even though that will surely be the way it’s interpreted. There are just some things I don’t get about this movement. I don’t think what they are doing is wrong or a bad idea necessarily, I’m just not sure they are doing it for the right reasons or if they’ve thought about what would happen if they got what they’ve asked for.

  1. If the minimum wage is raised to $20 (demand one), all the people currently making $10-$19.99/hour will get a raise to $20/hour, but definitely no higher than that. They’ll only be making minimum wage. Because the increased cost of labor will cause the retail cost of pretty much everything to increase, isn’t this effectively giving those currently in the $10-$19.99/hour range a pay cut? Doesn’t this really hurt the middle class instead of helping them? Or is step 2 an introduction of price controls? Careful what you ask for there.
  2. If you put pressure on a political party (probably the Democrats) to nominate anti-capitalist candidates, what do you expect to be the end result at the end of election night? Will those folks receive “the other 99%” of the vote?
  3. One of the major talking points seems to be a disagreement with the 2008-2009 bailouts. Another major talking point seems to be that “Occupy” is an answer to the Tea Party. But aren’t the bailouts a major issue both groups agree on?
  4. Free college (demand four)? Ok…but by doing that you’ve basically ensured everyone will go, which waters down your liberal arts degree even further. Or do you still want entrance standards? If so, won’t this be giving things to people based solely on their intelligence? And people will have to compete for these funds–who will set the standards and entrance exams? Isn’t this knowledge rationing? And look out…those professors and administrators who planted some of these ideas in your head may not be to happy about working for less (or for free).
  5. Wipe out all debt (demand 11)? Ok, now you guys are just ripping off Fight Club. Of course, we never got to see the result of this effort. I am Jack’s longing for a sequel.
I’ll happily argue about this, but really I’m just looking for some clear answers. The impression I’m getting so far is that many of these folks are no different than some people who identify as Tea Partiers who are in favor of saving Social Security/Medicare and continuing/expanding war spending. You know…people who haven’t really taken their stated positions to their logical end.

Fox News Will Cut Tea Party Funding

…thanks to the people who booed their Republican Congressman at the Greenville, SC Tea Party. Didn’t the crowd get the script and talking points?  I mean, they were paid to be there right? </sarcasm>

How about this clown’s resilience? I love how he tries to redirect the boos at the beginning of the speech away from himself and onto the policies and legislation he, uh, supported. After that, it’s the same old Republican script…”It’s all the Democrats’ fault!”

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