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First Crack At Trainerroad FTP Test

Well, I did it without puking. But it was pretty tough!

One thing I really liked about doing my first Trainerroad ride was that they seem to know exactly where you need to be encouraged and flash some helpful instructions on the screen to help get you through those spots without letting up. I’m pretty happy with my effort. The chart below doesn’t have heart rate information…I’ll have to wait until next month to get the Ant+ HR monitor–limited allowance. ­čÖé ┬áBut I averaged ~150 for the 20 minute test portion.

I’m most happy that my effort built throughout the test.


I ended up testing out at 252, which isn’t too bad for a skinny guy. Unfortunately, I’m not a skinny guy. It translates into ~2.8 watts/kg based on my current weight.

The experts over on SlowTwitch (there are lots of them) seem to think the average weekend cycling competitor should be at around 3.1 watts/kg. Interestingly, one of my goals before this test was to increase FTP by 5% in the next few weeks. Another goal was to *ahem* “adjust” my weight over the next few weeks.

252*1.05 = 264.6 watts

190 lbs in kg = 86.18

264.6/86.18 will give me 3.07 watts/kg



Going To Get Punched In The Face By Trainerroad

I’m about to start training Li’l Kim style–going to turnt it up, if I can make it through the first day.

I was looking into going to a Computrainer class here locally. It’s pricey, but I’ve heard lots of good things about the gains people have made on the bike from going. While I was researching, I started reading about Trainerroad, and it is much more fitting for how I want to train. Not to mention my budget.

Both of these training programs are geared towards increasing power applied to the pedals. The difference is that for Computrainer I’d have to take my bike in to a location and ride on their trainers. Nice, actually, but it’s the getting there and getting back that are a problem for me, not to mention the hours that you’re restricted to.

Again–three small kids I have to train around. That means lots of very early morning and very late nights to get in my hours.

With Trainerroad, I can use my own trainer and just buy a USB Ant+┬ádevice and an Ant+ speed/cadence sensor┬áand I’m ready to go. Trainerroad runs in the web browser and uses virtual power based on the power profile of your trainer to determine how many watts you’re putting out. No, it’s probably not as accurate as a power tap, but it doesn’t cost $1,000 either. As long as the offset is the same every time, what does it really matter anyway? I’m going for absolute gain in power, not trying to get a high score against someone else.

The best part is the price. Instead of $160 for an 8 week Computrainer class, I can just spend ~$80 for the Ant+ devices and then $10/month for access to Trainerroad. Lots of rides are posted there, and more stuff is being added all the time.

The only catch for me is that I don’t own a trainer. That’s a big “gotcha”. Luckily, one of my neighbors has this really nice 1UP trainer, and loathes riding indoors, so he’s letting me borrow it until I can get my spin bike sold and trade up to a trainer. I was looking at this Kinetic┬ábefore the opportunity to use the 1UP became available.

Get ready for posts. Swim is to Winter 2013 as Bike is to Summer 2013.

The first ride I’ll do is a power threshold test that is supposed to be absolutely murderous. When I recover I’ll post the data.

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