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Someone Please Explain “House of Cards” Episode 8 To Me



Here’s what I don’t get–up until this episode, Frank is 100% aware that we’re watching him and is willing to turn to us and let us know exactly what he’s thinking. He does this with no shame. In fact, he usually seems very proud of himself.

So does he think our magic camera doesn’t work outside of the Beltway? We’re going to accept the revelation that he messed around with one of his best friends in college and he doesn’t feel the need to explain himself to us? That doesn’t seem like something a Congressman from South Carolina would let people know about without at least trying to spin.

Is it that we’re getting to see the true Frank for the first time, so he feels he doesn’t have to explain himself? Seems unlikely. Beltway Frank is who he wants us to see.

I think it would have been much more true to the show for the relationship to be alluded to with a simple gesture or look that we see, even though we weren’t supposed to. Maybe once he’s aware that we’ve seen it he jumps back into Beltway Frank mode to explain what we just saw? Dunno.

This episode was good when focusing on Russo and Claire, but I had to watch episode 9 the same day just to let them get some redemption.

Finally in E9 something that seemed pretty obvious to me from the beginning was realized by the show–there’s absolutely no reason for Zoe to have carnal interest in Frank.

Attracted to his power and prestige? Don’t think so. People that are attracted to that kind of stuff aren’t content to live in apartments like hers.

You Just Have To Read It

About halfway through the second season of Game of Thrones I was going on a trip, so I got this A Game of Thrones 4-Book Bundle for Kindle and started plugging away at it. In general, I’m not a big fan of sci-fi or fantasy fiction. I’m not even a huge fan of that much fiction.

But…OMGs (both old and new).

The first two books were so much more detailed than the show that I’m actually re-watching it and realizing how much stuff I missed because they had to cram so much into such a small amount of times. It’s like I didn’t even see the show the first time, just previews for it. But last night I got a whole hour of reading time and made it into book 3.

Just read it. Wait…

Watch it. Read it. Watch it again. (Maybe read it again?)

Casting on this show is unbelievable.

You Have To See The Special Man!

Classic New Orleans commercial. The only thing that has come close to this commercial since it originally aired are the “Biggest-no-brainer-in-the-history-of-earth” commercials for Lennox Financial. Enjoy this one from Frankie and Johnny.

Stuff You Should See– February 11th through February 22nd

NASA Releases First-Ever iPhone Game, Complete With Wiseass Remarks – And to think, it was just the other day I was telling a NASA employee that the private market could do a lot of the same stuff they do and it would be more cost efficient. She threw “we invented velcro” at me. If only she’d known they were releasing this iPhone app, she could have shut my point down completely. At least they are giving it away, so your tax dollars are being returned to you…if you happen to have an iPhone.

Marijuana use by seniors goes up as boomers age – Disclaimer: I don’t set things in fire and put them in my mouth. Period. But there are a lot of “get-off-my-lawn” type older people who really do need to chill out a little. And that wasn’t even brought up in this article. So how, exactly, would it hurt me if they got a little help with achieving that?

CPAC Exhaustion – Oops! So what if she said she met him but was mistaken. It’s not that big a deal. I’ll give some linkages just to say that. 🙂

10 fake Simpsons words that belong in the dictionary – Doh!

George Washington: Simplicity seeker – The Father of our desire for simplicity.

The finest Facebook groups ever conceived by man – Heh…Facebook may be good for something after all.

Amazon Wants To Give A Free Kindle To All Amazon Prime Subscribers – Please be true. Thank you.

9 Studies That the Anti-Vaccination Movement Says Show Links or Bury the Truth – And a few notes on them. I don’t understand the Latin parts, but I think the idea here is that these things keep a lot of people from getting really bad diseases, err, alive.

Previously On…

I admit it. I’m a TV junkie. I like to think I watch in moderation, but I probably watch too much. I know that fact may seem to contradict what we’re advocating here, but I can’t help it. And I actually noticed something helpful about television a few weeks ago when Ana was explaining a reading strategy to me. The strategy we were discussing is summarizing. I’m not the reading expert, so I’ll let her take you through the specifics of summarizing, why it’s important, and how to employ it, but I quickly realized that it is a strategy used in television all the time.

Most of my favorite shows are running series like Lost that develop characters and stories over weeks and years. One thing every episode of these shows has in common is that they all begin with a “Previously on…” segment that summarizes what has happened so far. As Ana points out in her article on summarizing, there’s a very good reason for this–it gives us a chance to get caught up very quickly so we can pay attention and absorb the new material.

Again, I’ll leave the coaching of this strategy to Ana, but I thought I’d point out a way that this strategy is commonly used in another medium. I’ve always appreciated the “Previously on…” segments of television shows. Besides reminding me of what has happened in previous episodes, they’re also effective in setting the mood for what I’m about to watch. Whenever I pick up a book I’m working on, especially if it’s fiction, I almost always skim a few paragraphs I covered in my last reading session just to give myself a quick reminder of where I was and to get my mind back into story.

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